WUSV-Agility-Wettbewerbs 2021

Following the current developments in Holland regarding Covid 19, we would like to announce the following:

Let's put first that the aim is still to continue the World Cup, but unfortunately the road to it is not easy.

We will make a final decision on whether or not the event will go ahead no later than August 13. What do we ask of you? If you want to participate, register now, so we have a good idea of ​​the number of participants what we can more or less expect. It commits to nothing, nothing has to be paid yet. This will follow later at the final “go” of the event. We also ask you to provide the necessary COVID 19  vaccinations to enter the Netherlands as smoothly as possible. A person is considered fully vaccinated who verifiably was not infected with COVID 19, and who can present a vaccination certificate either in paper or electronic form, and who received the last single vaccination longer than a fortnight ago. The vaccine used must be approved under European law.

 Let's all hope that in August we can report that the World Cup in Tilburg will take place!

Ada Middelkoop

Agility VDH Nederland