CD/TS (Companion dog / traffic security)

The certificate of competence according to the CD/TS exam regulations of the VDH suggests itself especially for members who are new to dog sports. Members who take on a companion dog trial for the first time first have to demonstrate their expertise knowledge.


Precondition for the taking of the companion dog trail. Occasionally, the license is also recognized by the authorities as certificate of competence.


  • The structure of the SV
  • Keeping, care, feeding, illnesses
  • Dog behaviour and training
  • Questions from the VDH exam rules CD/TS


Valid membership in the main association. The SV dog handler license can also be made by adolescent members.


Written expert knowledge assessment. The questionnaire comprises questions from the above mentioned topics. For adolescents (up to 18 years), there are junior questionnaires.


SV dog handler license, valid without limitation.