War in Europe – Our solidarity and active support for Ukraine!

With the invasion of Russian troops into the national territory of the Ukraine on February 24th, 2022 a nightmare came true which generations of people believed to be unthinkable: an unjustified, armed attack on a democratic country – warfare in Europe.

And as in every war before, there will be no winners – only sufferers and victims in the countries involved. The people of Ukraine are suddenly facing an unjustified plight and need our speedy, concerted, and targeted help.  

For this reason, the SV- and WUSV Board Members decided to support the work of “Aktion Deutschland hilft” (Campaign Germany helps) with two larger donations.

The details of the organization we support are as follows:

Aktion Deutschland Hilft / Nothilfe Ukraine

IBAN: DE53 200 400 600 200 400 600
Code word /Nothilfe Ukraine

We would be more than grateful if our members followed suit and provided help to those who are now suffering from the consequences of this wrongful aggression.

We all learned how special the people of Ukraine are and enjoyed their unconditional hospitality on many occasions, such as the WUSV World Championship IP 2011 in Kiev.

For that reason, the SV and WUSV will – at their expense –  support the appeal for donations and help from Romania. Together with our partner organisations from the animal food industries we will arrange for a delivery of dog food to the Moldovan border from where the goods shall be distributed into Ukraine. The SV will organize the logistics of the delivery to Romania.