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The SV’s sports insurance

In order to offer an effective protection for training and at competitions, the German Shepherd Association (SV) has closed a cooperation contract with the HDI Insurance Company.

Via the sport insurance, all members, local groups and federal groups as well as the SV itself are insured via a fleet policy against liability claims and the follow-up costs of accidents that happen at sporting events. This extensive insurance protection is already included in your membership fee.

The following services are insured:  

Accident insurance:

  • Up to 10.000 Euro in case of death
  • 100.000 Euro in case of invalidity
  • 10 Euro hospital daily benefits and 10 EUR convalescence allowance
  • 2.000 Euro salvage costs

Liability insurance:

Liability insurance for associations and event organizers

 The complete liability insurance for the local groups, federal groups and the main club. The amount of coverage is 5 million Euros globally per claim for bodily injuries and property damage.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HDI’s SV service point directly.  

Please send notices of claims to the following address:  

HDI - Versicherung AG
Kompetenzcenter Firmen-Schaden Haftpflicht/Unfall
Postfach 13 03 19
50497 Köln

Liability claims (Insurance n°. 70-2747168): Telephone 0221 144-66675

For the notification of liability claims, please use the notice of claim liability. Indicate the insurance number (see above) in the form and the local group’s number.

Accident damages (Insurance n°. 22-8444082): Telephone 0221 144-66671

Accident damages are submitted with the notice of claim accident. Please indicate your membership number and the insurance number (see above)! 

SV Service point; Guidance and resources for all SV members

Via the sports insurance, all SV members are protected effectively during the execution of the statutory activities. Insurances of this kind are common in big sports clubs. 

It is not only the individual member who benefits from this insurance solution but also the individual local group, because the sports insurance makes the local group’s individual association liability insurance unnecessary, as it is included in the sports insurance. Further advantages, such as f. ex. the helper coverage (helper insurance), are also included. 

However, here needs to be mentioned that this protection is only a basic care in the case of claim; for a protection exceeding this, there is an additional helper package which is very low-priced and can be taken out at HDI.

The SV has secured a very low-priced dog owner liability insurance which should be considered a compulsory insurance for every member. Choose between 15 million or 50 million coverage. Here you can find the application for the dog owner liability insurance

At the SV service point at HDI, a whole team attends exclusively the members of the SV. The SV service point is available at any time. Here, we help members in all questions concerning insurance:

SV-Servicestelle, Lindlarer Str. 1, 51515 Kürten

Eike Damps
Dennis Röhrig

Telefon: 02268-9080-20
Telefax: 02268-9080-222

Further Information

Report of a damage

Additional offer for local groups

Every local group operates a clubhouse which is also exposed to special risks such as fire, breaking and entering, storm, etc.

With the special clubhouse insurance, you are insured well. Here you can request an offer for your clubhouse. 

Naturally, this new cooperation only works if as many members as possible join the collective. The more members join, the bigger the SV’s influence and the better the conditions.

You receive your offers easily. Simply download the corresponding sites and send these per mail to the indicated email addresses, or by fax to 02268-90 80 222. 

Further insurances for SV members

With the establishment of the service point, also a special insurance rate at HDI exclusively for SV members was established. Our members receive special conditions for the following insurance: 

Household contents insurance
Personal liability insurance
Pet owner liability insurance 
Accident insurance
Residential building insurance
Glass insurance

Also check your automobile liability insurance. HDI offers interesting premiums for SV members, also with a SV reduction. Here, you can find interesting information about the automobile liability insurance. Read here how you can supplement the insurance protection with reasonable modules. 

A special highlight

If one or more insurance policies are taken out with the SV tariff, the price is reduced for all policies – also the already low-priced pet owner liability insurance – by up to further 20%!

We therefore recommend our members check their existing insurance policies. A comparison is always worth it. Simply call the SV service point or write an email.