Target audience

Heads of youth and all persons working or interested in youth work from 18 years on.


Functions and tasks of a youth tutor

• Understanding of the role

• Motivation 

Legal questions in youth work

The imparting of legal basics in youth work. The questions focus on obligatory supervision, youth protection as well as the penal code for sexual offences.

The SV’s sport insurance

Services and scale of the group police for liability and accident damage claims the SV has negotiated for its members and its local and federal groups. What needs to be done in the case of a claim?

How do children and adolescents behave? Who is able to do what?

Developmental psychology – an exciting topic! The objective is a better understanding of the group of adolescents and their stage of development. 

Planning, organization and realization of youth events

Experiences, ideas and tips for a successful realization of youth events. 

Specific first aid measures to children

• Primary care after an accident (bite wound) 

• Insect stings


Full age and valid membership in the SV.


Written expertise knowledge assessment at the end of the seminar. The questionnaire contains 30 questions each on topics discussed during the seminar.


SV Head of youth certification with certificate, valid for four years. A refreshment course is required to extend this term.

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