German Shepherds in competition

In 1899, the year of foundation of the German Shepherd Association, the club management introduced the title of annual winner for male and female dogs. Since then, each year a multitude of the most beautiful and most dedicated German Shepherds compete at the association’s big events. Here in the various competitions, top dogs with their handlers show what the breed is made of. At the awards ceremony at the end, the best of the best are shown.

The association’s main events are of both national and international importance. Experience the best German Shepherds at top-class competitions – you will definitely not regret it!

Association’s main events and supra-regional events

Deutsche Meisterschaft Jugendmeisterschaft Obedience

19. - 21.05.2018


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German VDH-Championship for Rescue dogs (RHDM)

09. - 10.06.2018

German Youth and Junior Championships

09. - 10.06.2018


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VDH-Day of the dogs

22. - 24.06.2018

Diest (Belgien)

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FCI-Federal Qualification SV

29.06. - 01.07.2018


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WUSV-Universal Winner Competition

Bundessiegerprüfung of the SV for Rescue dogs

25. - 26.08.2018

VDH-German Championship IPO

06. - 09.09.2018


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German Championship Rally Obedience

21. - 23.09.2018


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SV-Bundessiegerprüfung IPO & Agility

14. - 16.09.2018


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FCI-World Championship

03. - 08.10.2018

Randers (Dänemark)

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German National Herding Trials

29. - 30.09.2018

Darmstadt 08


16. - 18.11.2018

Dortmund, LG06

Agility-SV-Championship and Agility league final

27. - 28.10.2018

Bad Staffelstein

VDH-Bundessieger & International Show

10. - 11.11.2018


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Obedience SV-Championship/SV-Bundessiegerprüfung Obedience

28. - 29.10.2017

Hamm-Berge, LG 06


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28. - 29.10.2017

Bietigheim, LG 12

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