The Top Ten Competition – How does it work?

We are looking for the most active adolescent SV dog handlers in the individual divisions:

  • Breeding
  • Performance
  • Agility
  • Universal

Every successful participation – no matter in which division – earns certain points. These points have to be collected in the running sports year and submitted via Top Ten Application until the 15.01 of the subsequent year to the federal groups’ head of youth. For each division, an individual application has to be submitted. How many points are granted for the participation at the individual events can be looked up in the SV’s Awarding Guideline (§ 10 a "Sports badges and competitions for young and junior members "). 

And then?

The head of youth of your federal group will examine the individual applications and forward these to the Association’s head of youth. She will then elaborate a ranking list for each division from the timely submitted applications.

What is in it for you?

There are great prices for the three first places of each division:

  • One entrance ticket to a SV main event of your choice each;
  • One park ticket for this event each;
  • One VIP tour with the Association’s head of youth through the event with a look behind the scenes and a walk together through the stands of the industry’s exhibitors.