Our junior SV members are especially looking forward to Whitsun

Every Whitsun weekend, the main event of SV’s youth programme takes place: the German Youth and Junior Championship. The event comprises three main areas: performance (IGP Tests 1-3), breeding (shows in different classes) and agility (starts in different levels of difficulty).
To be able to participate in the first place, the youths and juniors have to prove themselves in the transregional competitions of the federal groups first.
At the big event, the SV youth not only demonstrate their vigour and enthusiasm but also their high level and expertise. And of course, rigorous training and empathy with their four-legged fellow athletes is part of it too.
But our youths don’t miss out on community life and celebration either. If you want to see our high-performance junior SV members at their best, don’t miss the opportunity to attend this event!

Contact person in advance and during the event:

Roswitha Dannenberg
Am Alten Sportplatz 16
24623 Großenaspe
Tel. gesch.: 04327 999900
Fax gesch.: 04327 999901
Mobil: 0176 27270833
E-Mail: roswitha.dannenberg@yahoo.de