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Small Town in the Country - Town by the waterfront

The old and fortified town of Meppen is far away from the hectic life style of the big cities and located on the western outskirts of the county of Lower Saxony and only 20 kilometers away from the Dutch border. Indeed, the historical roots of the town go back to even the 9th century.  Visitors reach us either via the freeway A31 or the federal highways B70 and B402 respectively the European Route E233. In 1977 Meppen became one of the district towns of the EMSLAND district which is the second largest district of Germany.

The ancient meaning of Meppen was „River Mouth“ and points to the varied water landscapes for which the Emsland region is so well known. In Meppen the rivers Hase, Nordradden and the 100-year-old Dortmund-Ems canal join the river Ems.

Steep embankments, bayous, vast forests, the protected areas of the „Borkener Paradise“ and the „Meppener Weide“, dune- and moore landscapes, and juniper groves are a fascinating sight to the visitors of the region.

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