Section "B" - Obedience


The obedience will be alternated with the protection work at the stadium. The stadium terrain is grass. The working direction is when looking from the main grandstand from right to left. The obedience will not be demonstrated.

The dog handlers may wear normal sportive clothing, no special training vests are allowed.

Entry control

The dog handler must be ready for his/her exercise about 15 minutes before given time according to schedule. The dog handler will be presented to the control by team leader or team leader assistant at the dog handlers entry. The dog’s collar will be controlled.

If a dog handler is not 15 minutes for his/her start time at the control point, the dog will be disqualified.

The chip number or tattoo will be controlled after the performance at the handlers exit.

Hurdles / dumpbells / guns

According to IPO-rules a closed plankhurdle is to be used, and a reserve hurdle to stand by.

The A-wall is to be covered by non-slippery material and spokes. The measurements are according to valid regulations. The hurdles must be removed from the field during the protection work, their placements to be marked beforehand. The sequence of the hurdles according to the attached diagram.

The hurdles are also available at the training grounds.

The retrieving dumbbells must be double, two identical sets. Measurements and weights are according to rules. Additional weights are not allowed.

Weight of dumbbell for retrieving on flat ground: 2000 g
Weight of dumbbell for the hurdles: 650 g

The dumbbells provided by the organizers must be used by all participants. The dog handlers own dumbbells are not allowed.

All retrieve exercises must be performed in the same direction as the other obedience exercises.

The organizer has to provide 2 pistols cal. 6. The trying shot will take place on the first lane.

Place for down

Males and females will be laid down on separate places. The places for down will be marked.