Section "A" - Tracking

Tracking field

The tracking work will be performed on fields (acres). For all participants the terrain should be equal. Each field will be used only once.

The tracking fields are in a wide agricultural and military used terrain about 10 km from the stadium.

The quality of the tracking field will be published on the WUSV website in the time frame.

Laying of the tracks

The laying of tracks is done in normal walk. The corners will not be marked. The start of the track is not heavily tread. Replacement tracks will be layed. The articles will not be put down in any given sequence.

Articles on track

The objects are made of

  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Carpet

and they are presented on the website of the event. The objects are from the Schweikert Company. The signpost and articles will be provided by the organizers.

Sending of articles before the event to teams is not intended.

Tracking pattern and length

According to regulations of IPO the track is 600 paces and will be adhered. Shortening of the tracks is not intended. The persons laying the tracks will be supervised by the person responsible for the tracks. The tracking patterns will vary according to the IPO regulations. If the terrain allows, the first article will be put down about 100 paces on the first leg. If the former is not possible, will the first article lay on the second leg.

Transportation to the tracking fields

The chosen tracking fields are about 10 km from the stadium.

The participants will drive with their own vehicles. The team leader will be given a map to the central meeting point by the fields. There the dogs can be walked. Refreshments for the dog leaders are available.

The spectators will be transported to the tracking fields by bus. Driving directions for spectators from the stadium are not intended.
The tracking fields can not be used for training. Breaking of the rules will result in disqualification. The organizers will provide equal terrain for training.

Identity control, test for self-confidence and drawing of the tracking group at the field

When the dog handler reports to the judge for tracking, a behavior test of the dog is done and the tracking sequence is drawn. If a handler is not at the drawing or start time of his/her tracking, they will be drawn with others. The drawn track will stay in reserve and will be tracked at a later time. If the missing dog handler hasn’t arrived by the time his/her tracking group has finished all tracks, then the dog will be disqualified.

The identity control will be checked after the dog has finished tracking.

Control of the tracking leash

After the drawing of the tracks, the tracking line is controlled for correct length and the line is marked. The tracking can be performed with a such marked tracking line.