General information about the event

Judges meeting

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 1 p.m. in the VIP lounge at the stadium. The following persons are invited as participants:

  • Head organizer
  • Track supervisor
  • Head judge
  • Judges A, B, C, Judge for Down
  • Trial organizer A, B, C
  • Supervisor Championship office

The rating sheets will be provided by the organizer.

Team leader meeting

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 3 p.m. the marquee at the stadium.

Invited participants:

  • The same persons as invited to the meeting of judges
  • Team leaders and vice team leaders

Points of discussion:

  • Information regarding the event
  • Advice from the organizers
  • Information about the tracking field, given by the track supervisor
  • Presentation of the judges
  • Guidelines of the judging by the head judge
  • Guidelines to performing the individual disciplines
  • Confirmation of the participants, possible substitute dogs, information on females in heat
  • Drawing of the order in which the countries draw the start times

In case dogs/dog handlers are reported as diseased or absent their starting numbers (which have been given out by registration) have to be given back necessarily.

Training possibilities at the stadium

Training at the stadium is on Monday, October 3 and Tuesday, October 4, 2016, starting at 7.00 a.m., according to training schedule. The amount of time depends on the team and number of team members. For training at the stadium are only the participants and relevant helpers allowed. At the stadium are blinds, jump- and A-hurdle, as well as retrieve articles.

The time allowed for training is 5 minutes/dog participating. But at least 10 minutes/team. The training order is alphabetical according to the Olympic system. The training is supervised by the organizers. If a team does not attend at their given time, they may train at the end of the training session. Females in heat are not allowed for training. They will have their training time just before their start in section B.

There will be additional training possibilities in specified training centers. The persons allowed are only the team members, team leaders and additional help persons of the teams. Blinds and hurdles are available at these places. More information is available at the office.

Presentation of protection work

The demonstration of protection is on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 2 p.m. at the stadium. There the helpers will be introduced. Present will be the head judge, judge for section C, head organizer, trial organzier section C, as well as the helpers.

At least 4 dogs with a good LGA level are to be presented.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony is on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the marquee at the Stadium. The opening speech will be held by the President of the WUSV.

Drawing of the start numbers

The drawing of the individual starting numbers will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 in the marquee at the stadium.

For the teams and team members are the seats reserved. For spectators is enough space.

A good catering will be provided at the hospitality tent.

Team support

Team leaders may address their questions and problems to the organizers. The organizer tries to give a care taker for each team.

The dog handlers will be given parking permissions at the team leader meeting.
The dog handler must enter the license plate number of the car, as well as mobile telephone number on the parking permission.

First aid and veterinary services

First aid and veterinary services are available at the stadium during the complete competition. At the tracking fields a mobile first aid service is available if needed.

Identity control of the dogs

The identity control of the dog is always after each discipline has been finished at the dog handlers exit at the stadium as well as in the tracking field by the judge/representative of organizer. The controllers have an ISO standard approved microchip reading device.
If for some reason another type of chip is planted, then the team leader must bring the appropriate device with him/her. 

Catering at the Stadium and tracking field

There are catering services at the stadium and also in the tracking fields. Also drinking spots are available for the dogs.

The stadium

The stadium is the Hänsch-arena, in Meppen. The driving directions are clearly marked from the motorway. The stadium is an open football stadium without athletic running tracks. There are two grandstands for spectators. The main grandstand in longitudinal direction to the greenfield and the secondary grandstand is vis-à-vis. The number of covered seats is about 5000. Indoor rooms for the trial organizers are sufficiently available. The stadium has a TV-quality floodlighting system.
Obedience and protection work will be alternated at the stadium.
By constant rain the devices for obedience and blinds for the protection have to be changed when needed. Parking space for participants and team leaders are sufficiently available about 250 meters from the Stadium.


The schedule has been prepared so, that each dog does only one discipline in one day. At the stadium the groups of 6 for obedience and protection work will be alternated. Participants that do not report 15 minutes before the beginning of their discipline will be disqualified. All dog handlers will be given a schedule.


If a dog is disqualified in one discipline, then the dog cannot start in the other remaining disciplines.