Welcoming adress

President of the SV

Dear friends of the German Shepherd Dog,
Dear actors and guests,

A cordially welcome to this year’s FCI Bundesqualifikation of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. in Baltringen.

Over the last months our sportive teams of men and dog prepared intensively for this qualification. They are prepared to proof their skills in obedience, tracking and protection work and to show the German Shepherd Dogs versatility for one more time. However, it’s in the nature of things that, in the end of the day, only a few can claim a podium position and a starting position in the following national and international competitions. The diligence, talent and perseverance of all starting teams lead them here and shall especially been pointed out.

For the smooth flow in preparation and the hospitality we would like to say a cordially “Thank you” to all responsible departments and public authorities of the Mietingen community, represented through their Mayor, Robert Hochdorfer, as well to all those who made their ground available for those days.

My special thanks go to the members of the organizing regional group Württemberg, represented through their chairwoman, Ms. Christine Lasser, the event manager and training warden of the regional group, Mr. Daniele Strazzeri as well as to the members of the local group Laupheim for their great commitment. Like at all other major events a smooth flow of the event depends from the commitment of the numerous volunteers and so, a heartfelt “Thank you” goes to all of them! They all help that all parties find the best conditions and our guests can highly enjoy the event.

In the name of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. and its members I may cordially welcome and invite you to attend this competition. One more time, it shows the versatility of our breed.

In this spirit I wish us all days full of experience and an exciting competition!



Prof. Dr. Heinrich Meßler

President of SV

Lord Mayor of Laupheim

Dear guests from near and far,
Dear dog sport enthusiasts,


In the name of the city of Laupheim I may cordially welcome you to the FCI-Bundesqualifikation SV 2019. Since about 10.000 years man is accompanied by dogs. Within this time, several hundred different breeds which support man in versatile ways have been raised from the wild wolf. They protect flocks or house and farm, they are used for hunting, as therapy dogs, rescue dogs, narcotic detection dogs, sports buddy or just as a member of the family. In this connection, one of the world’s most versatile breeds is the German Shepherd Dog. No wonder that this all-rounder found friends and fans all over the world.

At the FCI Bundesqualifikation dog and holder have the possibility to proof their skills. The harmonic teamwork which looks so easy and uncomplicated to the spectators is the result of many training sessions and deep familiarity.

I wish good results in the competition and good luck to the participants. In today’s tournament some of the best teams from Germany participate and I wish exciting runs and entertaining hours to the visitors. I keep my fingers crossed for the organizers that the weather also cooperates and it will be an all-around successful competition.

With best wishes


Gerold Rechle
Lord Mayor

Mayor of Mietingen-Baltringen

Here in our beautiful Baltringen district– home of the Baltringer Haufen (a medieval peasantry union) – the Bundes-FCI-Qualification of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. is held, hosted from the local group Laupheim. I cordially welcome you here in our community.

In all three districts of the Mietingen community we have a lot of active associations and clubs what we don’t take for granted. The organization team took it to prepare the event. I would like to say “Thank you” to all those who were involved for their work and their voluntary commitment.

To all participants, I wish good luck and joy and a smooth course of the event. To all visitors, I wish an exciting and fair competition.

Robert Hochdorfer

SV training warden

Dear SV members, dear guests,
Liebe SV- Mitglieder, verehrte Gäste,

As head judge of this year’s FCI Bundesqualifikation of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde I would like to cordially welcome you in Baltringen.

From June 21 to 23, 2019 the SV world as well as all those who are interested in dog sports and those who love the German Shepperd Dog are looking to the regional group of Worttemberg. This year we may welcome you in Laupheim, the second largest city in the rural district Biberach.

Previously, I would like to say “Thank you” to the LG chairwoman, Ms. Christine Lasser, the LG training warden and event manager, Mr. Daniele Strazzeri, the chairwoman of the local group Laupheim; Ms. Heike Schmid as well as to all those unnamed helpers who put much time and effort into preparation; their work will make this event an success.

I am looking forward to welcome this weekend the main actors, the dog handlers, who qualified for this competition through their regional groups.

The meaning and the significance of this event are, among others, revealed through the fact that the seven most successful participants of this event qualify for the VDH-Deutsche Meisterschaft IGP which will be held from August 8 to 11, 2019 in Hechlingen.

Furthermore, the willingness to take part in the VDH-DM IGP will enable the SV sportsmen and sportswomen to start at this year’s Bundessiegerprüfung.

Also this year the most successful team from the SV team which will make the best result on the VDH-DM IGP will be qualified for the WUSV world championship which will this year be held in Modena/Italy.

My thanks go also this year to the judges and the helpers in tracking and protection work.

In section A Norbert Schulz, LG 15, in section B Jens-Peter Flügge, LG 01 and in section C Christine Lasser, LG 13 will rate the performance. Assistant judge in section B is Volker Behrens, LG 13.

Within the frame of the selection of the assistant helpers for the Federal events 2019 in the regional group Hessen-Nord on Holy Friday Tobias Griebenow, LG12, Tobias Oetinger, LG13, Steffen Straub, LG13 and Alexander Liegel, LG15 have been selected as helpers for protection work.

Just in case that one helper will not be able to take part in this event Ralf Egenberger, LG13, has been named as “standby helper”.

The final decision about the appointment will be made within the frame of the “protection work test” directly before the event.

I wish that the FCI Bundesqualifikation 2019 may flow smoothly, I wish good luck to all participants and I wish all enthusiast and visitors of the event two interesting and exciting days in Siegen.

Wilfried Tautz
SV training warden


LG chairwoman

Welcome speech of the LG chairwoman Christine Lasser

A cordially welcome to the Bundes FCI here in the local group of Laupheim on the sports center Baltringen. To this mayor event I would like to welcome all participants and all visitors and guests. Laupheim is the second largest city in the rural district Biberach. Since January 1, 2016 Laupheim is Major town of the District. It is in the north of the district, a center in Oberschwaben and belongs to the Donau-Iller region.

Qualified teams from 19 regional groups meet in order to represent the high training level of their dogs and the positive aspects of our training work. I would like to say a special “Hallo” to them. For this event, they trained for weeks. For a successful result the preparation work as well as the balance of mind and the condition of the dog handler and the famous “ounce of luck” will be decisive. My wish for you is that all of you may achieve the best possible result as reward for the preparation work.

Since many years, the local group Laupheim is a reliable partner of the regional group in organizing various cross-regional events like for example the LG contest, LG-FH, Federal FH, character assessments, breed surveys and is, because of this, an important protagonist for all dog sportsmen and sportswomen in Württemberg. That’s why my thanks go especially to the members who joined the organizing team around our LG training warden, Mr. Daniele Strazzeri and the 1. Chairwoman, Ms. Heike Schmidt.

Also, in the same way my thanks go the sports club, the landowners and tenants of the hunt and the city of Laupheim, represented through the Lord Mayor, Gerald Recht; without their generous support such an event would not be practicable.

I wish the acting judges a good and objective eye for the performance and comprehensible, conclusive ratings. May it be possible to find a dignified FCI winner. And, not to forget are the helpers in tracking and protection work; without them such an event would not be practicable.

I wish the participants and the specialist audience successful and interesting days. To the organizers, I wish a good start and a successful flow.

Chairwoman regional group Württemberg

Christine Lasser