Youth work has tradition

The work with adolescents is one of the SV association’s traditions and is the basis for a successful future. The adolescent dog handlers who are now a familiar sight at events of the association are proof of this. In order to offer our adolescents a fitting platform, we initiate supra-regional events, such as the Youth and Junior Championships of the federal groups and the SV’s German Youth and Junior Championship. Furthermore, the junior interests and the youth work are represented within the managing board by the association’s head of youth.

Come and see the SV’s youth work for yourself.

The dog as friend and partner

Life as active member of the SV is characterized by community, tolerance and responsibility – all of these are important experiences for young people. The dogs  make this possible. Keeping an animal requires discipline, including regularity in the daily routine,- even on days when it might be inconvenient or difficult. In this way, the capacity to recognize the dog as the friend and partner for whom one assumes responsibility is developed step by step. Furthermore, there are the positive experiences in the community: at championships, the huge enthusiasm for the hobby brings people together. In addition, the performance during training and the successes at events build the adolescent’s self-confidence and the faith in their own capabilities. The SV’s youth work is supported by the many activities of the federal and local groups: excursions, tent camps and competitions with subsequent festive eventing. Simply come by, visit us and see the SV’s youth work for yourself. Interested young dog handlers are always welcome here!