Past activities

  • 2016 - Werrawichtel
    The day-care facility for children „Werrawichtel“ was very happy about  this donation which came exactly to the right time. Within the scope of the rearrangement of the adjacent playground in the neighbourhood Röhrigshof the playground had to be fitted with new equipment. Furthermore the playground should be accessible from now on not only to the children of the day-care facility but also to all children of the community. Report Osthessen News
  • 2015 - SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine (SOS Kinderdorf Niederrhein)
    The SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine (SOS Kinderdorf Niederrhein) was founded in 1969 en Kleve. SOS Founding Father Hermann Gmeiner once said in the whole world there was no other SOS Children’s Village which represented the idea of a Children’s Village as perfectly – also architecturally – as the SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine. In seven Children’s Village families and five housing groups live up to 72 children and adolescents. The core offer are the SOS Children’s Village families. Here live up to six children together with a Children’s Village mother. The aim of these family-like groups is to foster and care for the children long-term.
  • 2014 – Children and Adolescent Hospice Bethel
    Families with a child suffering from a life-shortening disease are masters in organizing and improvising. Nevertheless, at some point, everybody needs to take a breath. The Children and Adolescent Hospice Bethel offers a space for withdrawal from this exhausting daily life from diagnosis on. The family can be a guest and is fully cared for. Parents can find tranquillity, have a good sleep and summon new strengths. Children are cared for, siblings are looked after.
  • 2013 – Child and adolescent protection service Hörstel
    The child and adolescent protection service is a facility of the Evangelische Jugendhilfe Münsterland Gmbh. Its task is to directly offer protection, a feeling of security and support to children and adolescents in situations of crisis and danger.
  • 2012 - "Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V." in Heidelberg.
    The recognized guardianship association belongs to the Caritas association and offers support in the areas of child and adolescence help, counselling and help for women and families in special situations of need and conflict, persons in situations of crisis and socially difficult circumstances.
  • 2011 – "A children’s home" in Lutherstadt Eisleben:
    In this children’s home live complete orphans, but it also serves as day-care centre and place to go for other children and adolescents.
  • "Zartbitter", an organization that supports children and adolescents who experienced sexual abuse.
  • "Herzenswünsche" (“Heart’s desires“), here, heart’s desires are fulfilled, such as f. ex. An encounter with a famous German soccer league professional or a flight in a helicopter over a volcano.
  • "Arche" in Berlin, a street worker programme for children and adolescents.
  • The surviving children of the cave-in of the ice rink in Bad Reichenhall.
  • The children hospice in Bad Olpe, which is financed exclusively by donations.
  • Little Lukas from Ulm who suffers from a brain tumour.
  • A children and junior library in Meppen.