Report of the head judge - Egon Gutknecht

This year, the WUSV Universal World Championship which was established in 2011 took for the first time place in the mother land of the German Shepherd Dog.

I had the honorful duty to act as the head judge in this Universal World Championship.

My sincere thanks are given to the regional group Ostwestfalen-Lippe, to all helpers around the supervisor Gerd Dexel and the trial organizer Dennis Große-Wietfeld for an excellent organized event. About 170 staff members of the regional group Ostwestfalen-Lippe were on duty at this weekend. From the solemn Opening Ceremony to the colorful and joyful Awarding Ceremony both, the participants and the visitors enjoyed their stay and they have cordially and friendly been welcomed by the hosts.

With 57 participating teams from 17 nations a new maximum number of participants was recorded. On the three days of the event the German Shepherd Dogs with the best quality in both, anatomy and performance, have been determined as winners.

For the first time, the fitness test which has been established by the WUSV has been hold at a WUSV event. The test has been held in the frame of the extensive veterinary medical examination. All participating dogs passed this test.

The judge in section A was Ernst Riegel from Austria. On his side was the tracking supervisor, Peter Mayerl from Austria. As tracking area some challenging, short mowed meadows about 20 km from Paderborn were used. The most dogs coped the high requirements in this discipline; only few failures had to be noted. Four female dogs have not been able to reach the target; however, all male dogs met the target.

In section B the performance judge from Canada, Raino Flügge, attached much importance to an attentive obedience with a correct positioning of the dogs at their handlers. He also paid much attention to free and powerful jumps. This year was noticeably that many dogs have not been able to keep the retrieving dumbbells still.
On his side was the judge Heinrich Kruse from Germany. Unfortunately, three male dogs were not able to meet the target.

Hari Arcon from Slovenia could trust in two excellent and constant working helpers, from the first to the last dog, irrespective of males or females. No dog failed, as well males as females.

All judges rated in a constant and superior way.

The Conformation Show was rated from the SV breed warden, Lothar Quoll. He annotated his results; they have been translated into two languages.

I would like to say a heart felt “thank you” also to the helpers who laid the tracks absolute evenly in accordance with the PO rules and also to the helpers in the protection work for their constant performance on all three days independent from the weather.

It remains to be said that not the professionals of both fields can be found at this event. First priority is not blind ambition but a companionable and friendly together. However, the matter that the race leaders are missing becomes noticeable in the number of visitors. It can be said that this event would have been worth of much more visitors.

My thanks also to the WUSV board for appointing me as head judge at this WUSV Universal World Championship and for the confidence they placed in me.

Gemünden am Main, den 08.07.2016

Egon Gutknecht
WUSV - Oberrichter