Tracking work

Tracking field

The tracking field is grassland.

Laying the track

The laying of the track has to be carried out in a normal walking speed. The angles/corners will not be marked. The beginnings of the tracks are not stepped down. Alternative tracks are scheduled and will be laid when necessary. The objects will not be laid in a certain way or order.

Tracking objects

The tracking objects are made of

•     Leather
•     Wood
•     Felt

The tracking board and the objects are provided by the organizer. All objects are clearly marked.

The objects will not be send to the national teams.

Pictures of the objects and the markings of the track will be published on the website.

Transportation to the tracking field

The selected tracking area is about 2,5 km away from the sporting ground. The team leaders will be provided with maps. A driver-guide service is planned. The participants have to ensure their own means of transport in order to get to the tracking field.

Identity check, test for self-confidence and group drawing in the tracking field

A separate drawing will be made when the handlers register for the tracking.
Handlers, who are not present at the scheduled starting time and at the drawing will also be considered. The allotted track remains reserved, it will be worked later on. In case the handler doesn’t arrive before his group finished he will be disqualified.

The identity check will take place after the tracking work.

Inspection of the tracking leash

After the drawing the correct length of the tracking leash will be controlled by a person authorized through the trial organizer and the leash will be marked. The track can only be searched with a marked leash.