Admission regulations / Information for participants

Trial regulations and registration

The 6th WUSV-Universal Sieger competition takes place according to the currently valid rules of the WUSV. For the 6th WUSV-Universal Sieger Competition only dogs which have been selected by their national clubs are admitted. Furthermore, the dogs must have earned an IPO3 title according to the WUSV trial regulations, they must have received a show rating of at least „good“ at a minimum age of 12 months and their pedigree must show the  HD/ED „a“ stamp.

The winners of last year(male and female) are automatically qualified for this year’s WUSV Universal Sieger Competition and can by their national club be added to the team.

In this competition each handler is allowed to lead one dog only.


Deadline for Inscriptions

The final deadline for the registration is May 22, 2016. The entry form can directly be completed and printed on the SV website as of April 1, 2016.

Each field of the inscription form needs to be completed. The complete team can be enrolled only by the national club. The inscription needs to be submitted together with a copy of the pedigree with the HD/ED stamp, with a copy of the score book and the copy of a show card with a minimum rating of “good”, earned at a minimum age of 12 months.

Furthermore, along with the entry form a copy of the liability insurance for pet owners has to be submitted. Should the dog not be insured, please inform the organizer with submitting the entry form. The organizer will contract a temporary insurance that is limited to the duration of the championship.

Entry fee

The entry fee is € 140,00 per dog and has to be transferred on the following transaction account:

IBAN    DE 07 7205 0000 0810 2000 30

Reason for payment: Entry WUSV Universal

Documents for the participating dogs (needs to be available for presentation at all times)

- Original pedigree
- Score book
- Show rating card
- Valid international vaccination report (valid anti-rabies inoculation)
- Proof of the liability insurance for pet owners

Entry requirements

Citizens from EU countries can enter with a valid passport or the identification card of their country.

Citizens from non-EU-countries need a valid passport for the entry. Further information can be given from the German embassy or the German consulate in the respective country.

Regulations of Animal Protection Law

Veterinary regulations for entry with dogs from EU countries:

Dogs participating at the championship must verifiably have been vaccinated against rabies at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the event. After that, they must have gotten the booster inoculation during the period of time as indicated by the producer of the vaccine (following WHO standards). This needs to be confirmed on the vaccination ID. The expiry date of the vaccine must clearly be stated in the vaccination ID. If the expiry date is not stated the boost inoculation must have been administered within the past 12 months.
This vaccination must be proved by a veterinary certificate (EU Vaccination ID) where the following information must be provided:

  1. Name and address of the holder,
  2. Breed and sex of the animal
  3. Marking of the animal (readable tattoo, as of July 1st 2011 the marking with microchip is obligatory, ISO-Norm 11784 or 11785)
  4. Date of the vaccination, as well as type, producer and control number of the vaccine which has been used.
  5. Information about the duration of immunization

According to the German Protection of Animals act as well as to the WUSV resolution it is prohibited, while training or exercising dogs, outside of or during the event:

*   to practice any kind of violence or aggression
*   to use electrical stimulation device or dummies
*   to use pinch collars and coral collars
*   to use drugs

Contravention can lead to a disqualification from the competition and to criminal prosecution. When the dog is left in the car or in the trailer the dog handler has to take care that the dog is sufficiently provided with fresh air and water.

In the frame of the basic examination a physical fitness test for the dogs will be held. At this short test the dog has to complete a jump on a table (height 80 cm). The jump has to be shown without physical support of the handler. Dogs which can’t perform this jump are not permitted to take part in the competition.

When the dog’s state of health doesn’t allow to take part in a competition the dog has to be suspended from the event by the head judge. In case an animal suffers from health problems or obviously from pain a dismissal and the disqualification from the complete event has to follow. It is explicitly to point out that in the frame of WUSV competitions it is prohibited specifically to give pharmaceuticals in order to suppress pain and/or to improve performance. In case it will become clear that this rule has been violated the disqualification of the dog by the head judge has to follow as well. The judges of the sections are obliged to inform the head judge immediately once they get knowledge of such noticeable problems or irregularities.

Training possibilities in the stadium

    On Thursday, June 16, 2016 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Training schedule

The time unit depends on the contingent that each team presents. The access to the area during the training session is only allowed to the dog handlers and their helpers. In this area hiding places, hurdles, jump obstacles and dummies are available.
Each participant is granted 5 minutes for training, however, at least 10 minutes. The training order follows the alphabetic order of the IOC country codes. The training is controlled by the organizer. If a team fails to be present at the given starting time, they can be given a chance for training at the end of the training session.
Females in heat are excluded from the training. They will have their training possibility directly before their start in section B.

Further possibilities for training and preparation are available on a training ground in the Paderborn surrounding area.

Defense work practice

The practice for defense work will take place on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at approx 4.30 p.m. at the sports ground. Also, the official helpers will be introduced.

Opening ceremony and drawing

The opening ceremony and the drawing will take place on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the festival hall of Neuhaus palace.

Emergency medical service and Veterinary emergency service

In case of injuries or disease emergency medical service is available in the city. During the complete event a veterinary is on call.

Identity check

The identity of the participating dogs will be checked after the presentation in each discipline at the dog handler’s exit of the sports ground as well as in the tracking field by the judge respectively the commissioner as authorized by the organizer.
The staff is equipped with ISO approved microchip identification scanners.

Catering at the sports ground and in the tracking field

Catering in the sports ground is guaranteed. In the tracking field a mobile delivery service will provide the visitors with snacks and beverage.


When a dog is disqualified in one section he may no longer start in the following sections.