Welcoming address

Lord Mayor of the City of Halle (Saale)

Dear participants of the Bundessiegerprüfung and friends of dog sport,

It’s just two years that Halle (Saale) was host for the “Belgian Shepherd World Championship”. This international major event with about 700 participating dogs was such a great success with which the city showed its capability as venue for the Bundessiegerprüfung IGP & Agility 2019. So, for the first time also the major national sports event for German Shepherd Dogs takes place in Halle (Saale).

Halle (Saale) is a city which dynamic develops within the European metropolitan area “Mitteldeutschland”. In the last years, the number of residents increased by about 10.000. Only for the project “Bildung 2022” the city will invest 255 million Euro in schools, gyms, and day-care centers for children. In the native town from Georg Friedrich Händel, the great composer, also enthusiasm for sports has a long tradition. Since 1904 athletes from Halle won 57 Olympic medals overall, 14 of them even Gold. The last one was bobsledder Thorsten Margis, 2018 he won two gold medals in Pyeongchang. Halle also organizes a multiplicity of prominent sporting events like the “Mitteldeutschen Maraton” and the “Hallesche Werfertage”. The offers in top class sports ranges from ball sports like first league women’s handball from Union Halle-Neustadt to the Olympic bases for rowing or diving at SV Halle.

Dear participants in the Bundessiegerprüfung, I am very glad to welcome you, the best 200 dog sportswomen and dog sportsmen of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V., here in Halle (Saale) to the national championship. You all qualified through the regional championships and you, the national elite in dog sports, will offer the very best of your sport to the spectators.

I wish good luck and a beautiful stay in Halle (Saale) to all participants and the organizers of the event.


Dr. Bernd Wiegand
Lord Mayor

Vorstand der Landesgruppe Sachsen-Anhalt

Dog sports in absolute perfection at the Bundessiegerprüfung in Halle (Saale)

After the successful 2018 World Championship for Belgian Shepherd Dogs with an awesome visitor reaction now follows the Bundessiegerprüfung for German Shepherd Dogs here in the heart of Germany.

The Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde and the regional group Sachsen-Anhalt are proud to welcome this year the dog sportswomen and sportsmen as well as the guests to the SV-Bundessiegerprüfung IPO & Agility here in Halle at the Saale.

Because of its central location, the good infrastructure and the very good transport connections the city of Halle, located in the heart of Germany, is the ideal location for this SV main event. Moreover, the Bundessiegerprüfung for the first time takes place in the eastern part of Germany.

Organizer is the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde itself. With the organization and with numerous responsible persons and helpers the regional group Sachsen-Anhalt takes care for a smooth running of the event. Under the patronage of the Lord Mayor Dr. Bernd Wiegand the competitions will be held from September 19 to September 22. Halle and the nearby Leipzig with over a million people are located in the middle of the metropolitan area “Mitteldeutschland”. History, arts and culture of the region Halle/Saale are attracting each year numerous visitors.

Who wants to immerse himself in the history of the city of Halle should visit the market place with the Market Church, the Händel monument and the “Rote Turm” (red tower). The Market Church and the red tower together are the town’s landmark “Fünf Türme” (five towers). The nearby Leipzig attracts with numerous historic sites like the historic market place, the St. Thomas Church and the Old Town Hall.

The competition starts on September 20 with the check of the “nose skills” in the form of a track. Who wants to watch the “snuffling noses” has the possibility to get a picture of the perfect work directly on the designated tracking field. In the stadium follows the first highlight with the obedience where dogs and dog handlers show obedience exercises and prove the ability to work in a team. The spectacular highlight of the event is the defense work where the dogs are tested for instinct, self confidence and the ability to work under pressure. The dogs and the dog handlers can show their ability to work in a team, their abilities and speed in the scope of Agility.

The competitions take place in the sports center “Nietlebener Straße” in Halle-Neustadt. It will be taken care for a sufficient number of parking places and refreshments.

Awaited are, besides the sportswomen and men, numerous spectators from near and far. Producers of dog sport articles, animal food, trailers and many others set a colorful and informative framework. For all little ones a bouncing castle and a lot of ice cream will be ready.

A special highlight will be the evening event on the event venue on September 21 as of 8 p.m. The party band “einzig & artig”  einzig-und-artig.de will arrange the framework program. On Sunday, finalizing the event the winners and the placed will be honored by a team of 6 judges within the dignified awarding ceremony, accompanied with the Fanfarenzug 1973 BUSG Aufbau Eisleben e.V.

The host and the organizers are already looking forward to a very special event and highest-level competitions. The regional group Sachsen-Anhalt will make all efforts to make this SV main event unforgettable. Our theme for those 3 days is “absolutely the best for participants and guests”.

The board of the regional group Sachsen-Anhalt

Secretary of the interior and sports of Saxony-Anhalt

Dear participants,
Dear dog enthusiasts,
Dear guests and visitors,

Since thousands of years, dogs are much-loved and faithful companions for many men. Also, our law enforcers can’t be imagined without their dogs. With an excellent nose and a fortified appearance they solved many crimes, brought missed persons back and captured offenders. Since many years, the police dog service from Saxony-Anhalt and the German Shepherd Dog are strongly united. Many of the police dogs here in our country are German Shepherd Dogs. Their diversity and performance are appreciated by our dog handlers. The dogs are used in all detection sectors, like the search for people or narcotics and at fire scenes. The German Shepherd Dog is also an often-demanded companion as police protection dog. Until 1996, the police successfully bred German Shepherd Dogs and due to the fact, that many of our dog handlers have also been assistant instructors in one of the SV’s regional groups we have since a long time a close relationship to the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. And so, I am especially pleased that we have the possibility to organize a top-class club event and to present ourselves as the dog-sport excited Saxony-Anhalt.

My best wishes to all participants and their four-footed friends for a successful event and an event full of atmosphere; my wish for all visitors is that they may see an exciting competition.

It is a lot of work for all parties to organize such an event and the complete logistics. It would not be possible to achieve this goal without enthusiasm and affinity for dog sports. The organizers show that Saxony-Anhalt is a great host. Therefore, let me say “Thank you” to all volunteers and supporters for their work. I would be glad if the championship would again be held in Saxony-Anhalt sometime in future.

With my very best regards

Holger Stahlknecht
(Secretary of the interior and sports of Saxony-Anhalt)