von Ajovaska

Gründungsdatum: 04.07.2018

Dirk Peppel
Kleine Schulstr. 18
39307 Elbe-Parey - Bergzow

I am a member of SV since 2003 and since 2018 I have registered the kennel name "von Ajovaska" internationally in the Association of German Shepherd Dog(SV e.V.) (founded April 22, 1899), the VDH , the WUSV and the FCI.
For several years, I am a licensed breeding warden in the OG Tangermünder Elbbrücke (country group Saxony Anhalt 19) worked. Our breeding is subject to the strict regulations of the SV breeding regulations.
Our puppies are registered in the SV studbook are dewormed and vaccinated (EU vaccination card).
Our puppies receive Race COAs (SV Pedigrees).
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