Dog ownership nowadays requires much more of the owner than in earlier times.

Günter Oehmig, Head of the SV Academy

Task and standards of the SV Academy

Over the past few decades, the living conditions for dogs have changed significantly. Legal regulations and the transformation of our society restrict the space for the free development of their needs. For the dog owners, it becomes more and more difficult to show consideration towards their environment and at the same time fulfill the needs of a species-appropriate dog life. 

Dog ownership nowadays requires much more of the owner than it did 20 or 30 years ago. The latest findings for example from behavioral research offer much more possibilities to understand your four-legged partner better. Expert knowledge is therefore the headword which is in the center of attention also concerning the topic dog.

This is also true in the breeding area, where recent scientific results have made modern breeding methods and procedures as they are practiced in the SV possible. In this sensitive area, the expertise knowledge of breeders and those responsible for breeding is of essential importance.

The task of the SV Academy is to pass on this expertise knowledge to the responsible breeding wardens and trainers in the local groups, as well as making it available to all interested members.

The SV Academy therefore offers our members in the individual federal groups an extensive offer to develop their knowledge in all areas of breeding and dog sports in our Association.