Section "C" - Protection works


The protection work will be performed at the stadium in alternative sequence with obedience. The working direction is when looking from the main grandstand from left to right. The first sendoff to blinds is left. The starting point for handler and helper are marked. The helpers will work according to instructions given at the presentation of the protection work.

The dog handler can wear light sportive clothing, but not a special training vest.

Please note the IPO rules:

After the release through the judge the dog handler removes on command 5 steps from the standing helper with the dog off the leash, takes the basic position, puts the dog on leash and leads him (under control) to the meeting point.

Entry control

The dog handler must be ready for his/her exercise about 15 minutes before given time according to schedule. The dog handler will be presented to the control by team leader or team leader assistant. The dog’s collar will be controlled.

If a dog handler is not 15 minutes for his/her start time at the control point, the dog will be disqualified.

The chip number or tattoo will be controlled after the performance at the handlers exit.

Helper in protection work

The helpers and their substitutes are to be chosen on Tuesday at the demonstration of section C protection work. They will be chosen by Head Judge and the judge for this section.

For the movements of the helpers please see on the webpage. All the helpers will work left.

It is not allowed for competition helpers to train the dogs starting at this competition. This does not apply to the participants of the host country. By any violations the helpers will be replaced.

Protection clothing

The protective clothing of the helpers are normal at stores procurable protective clothing; a jacket, trousers, arm and cleat shoes (football shoes). Softstocks will be used. The equipment will be from the Schweikert Company.
(Arm type 598003 – Mika 1 – left, coating material5987)

Protection blinds

The protection blinds will be normal blind tents, color green (Schweikert). Marker points will be placed according to the IPO.
The blinds will be removed for obedience, places marked.