SV press officer

Vice president and SV-press officer
Heiko Christian Grube
Engelgarten 36
49324 Melle
phone: 05422 43896
mobile: 0172 9408630
fax: 05422 45478




The German shepherd dog has methodically been breaded since the foundation of our association in the year 1899. On april 22nd, 1899, cavalry captain Max von Stephanitz showed his dog “Horand von Grafrath” on a dog show in Karlsruhe.

Since that time the German shepherd dog has developed into the most favoured purebred dog in the world. Today, approximately 18.000 puppies are being registered every year in the stud-book of the SV. In order to achieve the breeding intentions the race standard was determined, which not only referred to the anatomical appearance but also to the attributes of nature and character.

Amongst other goals it is the intention of our association to breed a working dog which has a worldwide acceptance as a helper and a friend to man. As a “king of decathlon” the German shepherd dog also is well qualified especially as service dog, rescue dog, guard dog, assistance dog for disabled, companion dog and family dog. German shep-herd dog sport is being held as popular sport as well as competitive sport in domains like protection dog, dog shows, performance herding, agility and rescue dog.

Just as well as dogs need enough exercise to remain healthy also the fitness of the dog handlers is being encour-aged by the hobby of the German shepherd dog sport. As a team both – dogs and their handlers – can take up the sporting challenge and compete with others in single or team contests.


Skilled and trained instructors for breeding and training are available in a net of about 2.200 local branches of the SV all over Germany. They are helping with words and deeds covering all aspects of breeding, upbringing and training of the dogs. On this website you will find lots of further information about the SV.


The main focus for the SV press office is the reporting about the main events of the SV, but it also refers to cy-nological issues as well as to aspects of the associations activities and also the keeping of dogs within a societal context.


Thereby an open, truthfully and dependable co-operation together with other media are forming the foundation of a constructive and positive public relations of the German Shepherd Dog Association.