Now available – the brand new edition of the SV Newspaper!

The former monthly SV magazine will be published in a newspaper style design from January 2018 on. However, this is not the only new feature we are going to offer to our members. But please read more...

The major highlights at a glance:

  • Starting from today you will receive eleven copies of the SV newspaper style edition
  • In addition to that you will be provided with the new edition of the SV magazine in the months of February, May, August, and November
  • And of course – both the SV magazine and the SV newspaper will be delivered free of charge to all SV members
  • The December issue will remain unchanged
  • As already done in the past, reports from local groups as well as event reports will be covered by the SV newspaper along with important dates and information from the SV headquarters
  • The SV magazine – on the other hand – will cover all relevant topics related to the German Shepherd Dog breed, such as sports, training, breeding, and other special topics from the wide field of cynology

Now available –  the brand new edition of the SV Newspaper!

The monthly issue of the SV magazine will from January 2018 on be published in a newspaper style design. But this is by far not the only innovation that will be offered to our readers. In addition to the SV newspaper a SV magazine will be published four times a year, starting with the month of February 2018.

“The SV in a double pack” could be the headline for the latest innovation in terms of SV press and media work. But let us start with the most important information first: the SV newspaper will from now on be clad in the garment of a daily newspaper, but that is by far not the only important change we made in order to improve our means of communication with our members. Four times a year and in addition to the SV newspaper– starting with the month of February and then to be continued in the months of May, August and November – the brand new SV magazine will be issued and send out to our members along with the SV newspaper. The December issue on the other hand remains unchanged.

“The SV magazine as it was published in the past needed to cover a wide and very comprehensive field of information, such as dates, event reports, award information, etc.  – a true jack of all trades so to speak – to the effect that reports and information regarding our local groups and specific information about our breed did not receive the dedication those important topics actually deserve”, commented the SV public relations officer – Ms. Roswitha Dannenberg. In 2017 the administrative and economic committee of the SV approved of the new concept “Two for the price of one” and split the former SV magazine into a newspaper style issue plus a quarterly magazine. The basic idea is to focus on articles regarding local groups and all important information covering the events and activities of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde in the SV newspaper, meanwhile the SV magazine will place special emphasis on the German Shepherd Dog breed. In doing so, the SV serves two important priorities. The SV newspaper is supposed to be a special stage for our members. The SV magazine – however – shall address a broader field of topics concerning our breed, such as breeding and dog sports. “I do hope that our members will soon warm up to the idea and enjoy all the benefits that come along with the new concept” says Roswitha Dannenberg.