Zuchtanlageprüfung (ZAP) – (Rating of mental and physical breeding disposition) - concept

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

Dear SV members,


According to the unanimous decision from May 2014 of the SV Federal Board to introduce a character assessment; a team, founded for this purpose, determined in several workshops the system, the process and the contents of the character assessment.

Of course, after the character assessment, the alternative way into breeding, it demands also a working part, worthy of a working dog, which again is more targeted on the disposition and the health of our dogs. In the future, the ZAP working part shall consist of three partitions, nose work, obedience and defense exercises, in which the focus is the rating of the skills of the dog in interaction with his dog handler (trainer).

This concept will be submitted to the SV Federal Board in 2017.

With video sequences of the single partitions we would like to give you a first impression and an overview about the performance of the dog as it is requested in the preliminary concept of the ZAP working part.

Here are the videos, enjoy them.

Your SV main office