Important information regarding the confirmation of Kör- und Leistungszucht!

Please be aware that, with immediate effect, it is no longer possible to check and confirm the Kör- und Leistungszucht of a dog on-site...

Due to the change of requirements for Kör- und Leistungszucht for dogs born as of January 1, 2018 the check became very complex so that it is no longer possible in the short term.
All proofs like working titles, conformation shows e.g. which are submitted to the registration office (Meldestelle) can only be recognized when the hosting national club has been contacted and the proof has been confirmed by them as well as when the proof has been checked by the main office.
All participants in whose entries documents are missing have been informed per e-mail several times.
Should it not be possible to submit the documents before the event the calculation of the Körzucht-Leistungszucht is no longer possible.