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Booking of parking places for exhibitors in connection with the registration of a dog

As of now, booking of a parking place for a car with trailer is only possible in connection with submitting the registration for a dog. The registration form is available as of June 3, 2019.

Each participant has the possibility to book one parking place for a car with trailer in the course of the registration of the dog (it is not possible to book several parking places). Of course, when more dogs are registered for participation it is possible to book a parking place for each registration. Should you need further parking places for a car without trailer or a place on the camping site you can order them separately through the SV shop.

When completing the registration form a list of the possible categories of parking places is available. Before sending the entry, you can decide if you would like to book also a parking place and, if yes, which one. Billing of the parking place is handled by the SV Shop. Shipment of the parking card is only possible when the invoice has completely been paid. When the invoice is not paid within 14 days after invoicing practice the parking place will be cancelled!

The earlier you send the online registration of your dog the larger the choice of the parking place categories is!

Deadline for the event

The deadline for the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau is Thursday, September 5, 2019. Therefore, for calculating the classes this Thursday is decisive.

Entry fee

The entry fee is:

1. deadline 22. July 2019             75,00 € (HGH 20,00 €/breed groups 40,00 €)
2. deadline 31. July 2019           150,00 € (HGH 40,00 €/breed groups 80,00 €)

Instructions regarding traffic law

It is not allowed to leave the dogs in closed vehicles when the sun is shining. This will be controlled and complaints will be punished.

The traffic orders of the responsible authorities are strictly to be followed. The instructions of the security guards have to be obeyed. Violation causes an exhibition ban for this event. SV reserves its right to institute an internal administrative proceeding according to the Rechts- und Verfahrensordnung. Should inobservance of the instruction cause harm for the club this will cause recourse against the responsible person.

Found dogs

Found dogs can be given directly to the veterinarian. The microchip number will be checked and the found dog will be announced in the stadium. The found dog stays with the veterinarian in a dog crate until the owner picks it up. A proof of ownership and a proof of the dog’s identity has to be presented from the owner.

Regulations of the Veterinary Authorities

Dogs from abroad must meet the requirements for entry. Dogs from foreign countries have to be marked with microchip.

Please, see also the approval regulations!
The approval regulations will be issued after the general assembly.