Important information for the Bundessiegerzuchtschau - extension of the entry deadline until Monday, 11th July 2022

Dear exhibitors,

We are pleased to inform you today that by the closing date of 04.07.2022 almost 1,400 entries have been received for the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2022 in Nuremberg.

At this point we would like to thank all those who, despite unfavorable omens and all prophecies of doom, stand by this event and the club, have expressed this with the entry of their dogs and thus let our event become one of the largest purebred dog shows in the world.

Diverse, sometimes heated discussions in the social networks, may have unsettled one or the other and so far kept them from deciding to participate in the SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2022. And perhaps they now regret not being part(-participant) of this event.

In order to still give you the opportunity to show your dog(s) at the event, we have decided to open the registration portal again until Monday, July 11, 2022.

We are looking forward to your registration and see you in Nuremberg!

Your SV Head Office