New – Important Information for Exhibitors

Following the decision of the SV Board of Directors to hold the SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau (BSZ Conformation Show) in 2021 regardless of possible limitations and restrictions that might still apply by the time of the event we would like to inform you about the current state of the art of the event.

The information provided in the following is subject to the results of the approval procedures by the responsible authorities which are expected to be finalized only shortly before the event is scheduled to be held and which might entail further measures.



CORONA infection prevention measures for all exhibitors, visitors, guests, and personnel of the SV BSZ Conformation Show 2021:

The SV Board of Directors as the organizers of the event took the following decisions:

Access to the event is only permitted with a 3-G-Certificate (tested, vaccinated, convalesced):

  • A person is considered as tested who can verify an antigen quick test (no self-test) that was carried out during the past 24 hours, or who likewise undertook a PCR test with a negative result in terms of a Corona infection. We will inform you well in time about the test stations on the premises of the stadium on our event homepage.
  • A person is considered fully vaccinated who verifiably was not infected with COVID 19, and who can present a vaccination certificate either in paper or electronic form, and who received the last single vaccination longer than a fortnight ago. The vaccine used must be approved under European law.
  • A person is considered convalesced who was verifiably tested positive for the Corona virus by means of a PCR test. The test must have been carried out during the past 28 days and up to six months.

It is mandatory to wear facial masks on the entire premises of the event. At the present moment, we cannot confirm that the masks may be taken off as soon as visitors have taken their booked seats on the grandstand. This will be subject to the then valid requirements of the town of Nuremberg. We will inform you well in time about the state of affairs.

Cancellation of the Progeny Groups Competition

As we already informed you in the admission regulations of the event, the SV Board of Directors took a closer look at the possibilities to hold a progeny group competition.

Today, we regret very much having to inform you that the progeny group competition cannot be held this year. However, a description of the progeny of all male dogs, for whom more than 15 descendants (5 for long stock hair varieties) were presented for the gaiting phase, will be offered in the December issue of the SV Magazine. However, this only applies for the progeny of litters from mating carried out after the father had completed two years of age.

Furthermore, the number of progenies presented at the BSZ Conformation Show can affect the evaluation of the performance of the father dogs in the working dog classes.

Please kindly understand that the competition cannot be held in the usual fashion as a result of the infection prevention measures that will for sure still be effective in the month of September 2021.

Registration Confirmation – is not an entrance ticket!

In order to avoid misunderstanding we would like to once again inform you that the registration confirmation is not tantamount with an entrance ticket! The registration confirmation only entitles for the presentation of the dogs. If you wish to watch the show from the grandstand you need to acquire an entrance ticket to the stadium. The availability of the tickets will be subject to the then valid infection control regulation and the implementing rules.

Thank you very much for your attention!