Corona Pandemic & Event Scheduling

Even though the events and competitions as scheduled by the SV as the main club seem to be rather far away on our current time-frame we cannot deny the fact that all preparations for the participation in these main events are currently already in full swing.

During the past couple of weeks many of our members enquired about the main events and competitions. Many people have become insecure and worry that short-term cancellations might affect them economically. This applies first and foremost for the competitors who are in charge of the planning and organization of the participation at the respective events.

Therefore, the SV Board of Directors is currently experiencing a situation that requires the hardest decision-making process they have ever seen in their career at the SV – in particular since the decisions they now have to work on are not only and exclusively based on reliable facts and findings.

But on the other hand, it is the responsibility of the SV Board of Directors to avoid and ward off any possible damages – either health-related or of economic nature – from the organizers of events, the participants and club members. This is of crucial importance against the background that many people are now facing an insecure future after the crisis coupled with worries about their personal health, their work places and financial situation, and thus it is even more important to provide the people with a clear perspective in terms of the short-term future planning.

For the reasons as outlined above, the Board of Directors discussed the issues pending with the respective expert committees which resulted in the following decision we wish to inform you about.

  • SV Conformation Show BSZ – SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau – with venue in Nürnberg (National Group of Bavaria North) – scheduled from September 03rd, to September 06th, 2020
    Cancellation of the event for the year 2020.