Important Information Bundessiegerprüfung – National Qualification Trial 2021 in Meppen

Access to the Event

Access to the event is only admitted upon presentation of a 3-G-Certificate (tested, convalesced, vaccinated) and upon presentation of an identity card. Persons who show symptoms of a Covid 19 disease (for instance cough, symptoms of cold, fever) and who are subject to quarantine restrictions shall not be admitted to the premises. The 3-G rule does not apply to children and young people up to the age of 18.

An overview of the sites for corona testing facilities in Meppen and surroundings be found  here.

  • A person is considered fully vaccinated who can present a vaccination certificate (in paper or digital form) that verifies the administration of two vaccines against COVID 19. The second vaccination must be carried out at least 14 days before the event. In case of the JOHNSON & JOHNSON vaccine this applies accordingly for the single vaccination. Only vaccines that are approved by the EU shall be accepted for access to the event.
  • A person is considered convalesced if positively tested for the CORONA virus by means of a PCR-Test. The test must be at least 28 days old and not older than six months.
  • A person is considered tested if tested negative for the CORONA virus by means of an antigen quick test or a PCR-test.

General Protection and Hygiene Requirements

All persons on the premises of the event must comply with the general requirements for hygiene and social distancing as provided at the entrance and also available inside the stadium. On site the stadium and the entire premises mouth-nose protection masks must be worn at all times. When seated on the grandstand the masks may be taken off.

For competitors to the event the requirement to wear masks does not apply.

The tracking of contacts in the catering tent shall be ensured either by the LUCA APP or by contact paper forms. Facial masks covering mouth and nose must be worn in the tent and can be taken off when guests are seated at their respective tables.

Industrial sales stands shall be installed on the TARTAN running track next to the competition place for section C (protection work). Within the marketplace, a one-way-street principle shall apply in order to avoid encounters. Mouth-nose-masks must be always worn in that area of the stadium.

Please be advised that the requirements as outlined above are subject to change on condition of the respective instructions as issued by the authorities in charge and might still be altered on the days of the event.   

Further References

This year and unlike on other occasions, the drawing of the participants for the agility competition will take place at 18.00 hours and following this, the drawing for IGP shall be carried out at the stadium. Very much to our regret, the Welcome Party on Saturday had to be cancelled due to the CORONA pandemic restrictions.

The Event Catalogue shall only be offered in digital form but free of charge. Also, the timetable will only be made available in digital form following the drawing.

Thank you very much for your attention – we are looking forward to celebrating a successful Bundessiegerprüfung – National Qualification Trial in Meppen!