Welcoming speeches

President of the Landtag of Niedersachsen

As passionate sheep breeder and as Emslander I am glad to take over the patronage for the WUSV-World Championship and the Agility competition of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. in Meppen. After six German Championships the elite of the trainers and breeders of German Shepherd Dogs from all over the world meets in the Emsland in order to present and compare their successes. Especially in the breeding sector it is highly important to compare with others because this offers a great inducement to always achieve better results and not to rest on one’s laurels.

Since thousands of years men and dogs are working together in partnership in tending farm animals. Especially from this the special relationship of many people to the dog results as “men’s best friend”. After all, through the centuries the herding dogs have rarely been used only to protect the often small farm herds. Rather, they also protected the property and the personal security of their master and his family.

Against the background of the long common history of men and dogs the German Shepherd Dog as breed is not very old yet: Max von Stephanitz established his breed in 1898 when he purchased the male Horand von Grafrath and made him to the ancestor of all pure bred German Shepherd Dogs. Today, the German Shepherd Dog is used versatile and enjoys good reputation as a working dog. On the one hand, German Shepherd Dogs are still used as herding dogs, on the other hand they are also used as police dogs, rescue dogs, guiding dogs for the blind, guard dogs or simply as the family’s best friend.

For all these duties the German Shepherd Dog needs special qualities which will be tested at the WUSV World Champion- ship and at the Agility competition. For this I wish you good luck, pleasure and many outstanding results!

Bernd Busemann
President of the Landtag of Niedersachsen

Mayor of Meppen city

Dear canine friends, ladies and gentlemen,

From October 5th to 9th we won’t see footballs roll on the grass of the Hänsch-Arena, but instead we will meet dog trainers from all over the world for a fair World Championship for the title of „WUSV-World Champion“. After 6 Bundessiegerprüfung, Meppen is the venue for the WUSV-World Championship and the SV-DSH Worldcup Agility and Obedience of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. Participants from over 40 nations are expected for this year‘s world championship.

„Of course can we live without a dog but it is simply not worth it“, it is how once the famous actor Heinz Rühmann has described the relationship between man and dog. The four legged friend demonstrates year after year to the biggest performance event of the WUSV that he is more than a „loyal guardian“, namely as well a protector, saviour, tracker. The reason for the fantastic result is the trusting combination  and blind comprehension between man and dog. An intensiv training that will last for years will be here rewarded with the best performance and an enthusiastic public.

Quality and commitment are not only found with the participants. A warm thank you goes especially to all the hard-working hands, the volunteers that helped for a smooth process of the tournament, and with that contributed to the succes of the event. They play a vital roll behind the scene. I am looking forward and carry a great sense of pride, that this well-known event that knows no frontier found his way back to our district principal town. We welcome again numerous guests on the second weekend of october. I wish the organizers of this event exciting and thrilling days as well as a lot of success to the participants.


Helmut Knurbein
Mayor of Meppen city

President of the SV and the WUSV

Dear German Shepherd Dog Enthusiasts,

From October 5 to October 9 the WUSV World Championship and the SV Agility World Cup take place in Meppen.

This is the 29th WUSV World Championship and we are looking forward to celebrate this worldwide most important and greatest German Shepherd Dog event in the “family room” of dog sports, the Hänsch-Arena in the fair city of Meppen.
To specify the suitability and qualification of Meppen as event location for major events in dog sports would mean to carry coals to Newcastle. The Hänsch-Arena (former MEP-Arena) offers with a capacity of about 14.00 spectators excellent conditions to host such a SV major event. We would like to give our sincere thanks to the Meppen community and to the Meppen sports club (SV Meppen 1912) for their willingness to place the Hänsch-Arena to our disposal. As the Bundessiegerprüfung already took place six times in Meppen the SV community is looking forward to the WUSV World Championship which will take place this year.
We are sure that the upcoming event will rank as a further highlight in the history of events in Meppen.

The community, all public authorities and departments showed us their unlimited support like they did for all other performed events. At this point we would like to say a sincere “Thank you” to the mayor of Meppen, Helmut Knurbein, who kindly took patronage for the event and to all the aforementioned.

I feel the special need to say a cordially “Thank you” to all the busy voluntary hands, who took care that the event flows smoothly. A special gratitude to the members of the regional group Waterkant, representative I would like to name the event managers, Heinz and Michael Gerdes who guaranteed that everything run smoothly with their engagement, their motivation and their experience.

Like the organizing team also the participants from all over the world prepared themselves and their dogs over a long time and intensely for the upcoming events. Sometimes one second decides if the hoped for and desired event waits at the end of a long way. In this context we should not forget that all competitors passed the high requirements of their national qualifications. Therefore, just taking part in this event is already a success.

We are glad to present two kinds of sports which increase in popularity to the friends of the German Shepherd Dog in the frame of the WUSV World Championship. We are proud to host the International Agility and Obedience World Cup for German Shepherd Dogs from October 7 to October 9, 2016, in Germany. The WUSV World Championship in the Hänsch-Arena in Meppen is the perfect frame for this amazing event. This shall also point out the increasing importance of those sports for our breed.

In these days in Meppen we will have the possibility to see the best representatives of our breed. On-site, we will feel the attractiveness and the unique charisma of our Shepherd Dogs. I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas and information with and between the visitors from home and abroad.

My best wishes to the teams; may they achieve the success they hope for. I also wish that the dedicated spectators and experts for our breed may have enjoyable and informative days. And I hope that the interested laymen who will visit our World Championship and the supporting program will be inspired for a long-term enthusiasm for the German Shepherd Dog.

I would like to wish exciting and pleasant days to all of you; from October 5 to October 9 Meppen will be the linchpin of the world of the German Shepherd Dog.

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Meßler

Chief judge

The Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. will be hosting from 04th to 9th October 2016 as motherland of the breed for the 29th WUSV-Worldchampionship. The city of Meppen with the sport facilities of the Hänsch-Arena has been chosen as predestined venue. The extremly dog friendly city council and the SV Meppen 1912 sports club have been for years an ideal for the taking place of the top class and high performance sport in the working dog field. Our thanks go to the organizing team under the management of Mr Heinz and Michael Gerdes. A multitude of helpers worked to prepare the stay in Meppen of the international guests and make it an experience to be remembered.

As well this year we will see exciting competitions coming from an international field, composed of shepherd dogs with high dispositions and experienced handlers.

The teams come together to represent their high level of training and also the positive aspects our training work to the public with the german shepherd dog as working dog.High performance sport in our field is a team work of men and dogs. We want to see a joyfull and free work. As a result, based on a partnership but as well fair for all and of high motivation of the dog. Structured team work of men and dogs. A work with proverbially a lot of mothers and fathers. We will see top class training performances in absolut accordance with animal protection. This was born from a combination of concentration, coordination, communication, hard work, perseverance and comprehension. There will always be basic issues such as a strong developing performance of our world championship. These issues settle above victory and placing. This is the natural course of event in sport, as well as in our dog sport.
I wish for all the participants of the WUSV countries, that your hard work and your willingness for our breed will be rewarded  with best possible results.

I wish the appointed judge colleagues a sure and objectiv eye for the presented work, as well as a comprehensible, logical and for the future breed relevant usable judgement.So we hope to find in the awaiting high performance niveau of this event, a worthy 2016 WUSV Worldchampion.

I wish you all a nice and exciting, joyfull, harmonious, and calm day around our connective link for the german shepherd dog.

Günther Diegel
Chief judge of the WUSV-Worldchampionship 2016

Regional group chairman and general manager

The board and members of the regional group „Waterkant“ offer a warm welcome to all participants, guests and SV members for this year WUSV World Championship and the SV-DSH Worldcup Agility and Obedience here in Meppen.

After a number of big events with dogs, the city is rightly described as a dog friendly city, which is nowadays really remarkable. We have pleasantly experienced this positive attitude for all preparations, all departements and offices, as well as by the sport association of the SV-Meppen, for which we are really thankful. The city of Meppen is not only the host but also a special partner with the lead of the mayor, Mister Helmut Knurbein, the sponsor of this event.

We offer with a lot of joyful greetings and thanks to the president of the Landtag of Niedersachsen, Mister Bernd Busemann, who without hesitation adopted the patronage and to which this friendly welcoming speech belong to.

We owe the optimum track area to the head of the defense department, department for arms and amunitions, Mister Dir. Wallrich, Federal Forestry commission, Mister Dir. Pfennig and the company Gut Rupennest, Mister Möllerring.

We warmely welcome and thank all members of the Honour committee and the sponsors, who in many different ways helped us and accepted with willingness our wishes for our event and association’s goals.

A lot of members of our regional group shaped the process of this big event. We offer them high recognition and thanks for their commitment.

We wish all the participants, members, guests and visitors nice and successful days in Meppen.

Heinz and Michael Gerdes
General Manager