Shepherds as helping hands

To be mobile and independent in daily and working life is not easy for visually impaired and blind persons. Specially trained guide dogs not only help their owners achieve mobility and independence of other people; at the same time, they are loyal and reliable partners who give love of life. German Shepherds are especially suitable for the work as a guide dog because of their learning ability, their obedience and commitment.

Seeing for two

For outsiders it seems astonishing with which calmness and skilfulness guide dogs lead their owners securely through busy traffic, even in public transport like buses or trains. But these special capabilities of guide dogs cannot be established through training alone – the dog’s dispositions play just as essential a role in this: a balanced character, sociability towards all other living creatures and a high ability to handle stress are the basic conditions for a guide dog. A successfully completed training as guide dog is considered the highest distinction among specialists.