The German Shepherd is a companion ideally suited to living with humans.

A loyal companion for life

If you love dogs and believe yourself capable of educating a dog consistently and appropriately, you will find the German Shepherd a loyal companion and reliable partner – for all of his life. He is a companion ideally suited to living with humans. For many people, German Shepherds are a human’s best friend and therefore an inherent part of everyday life: The outgoing four-legged friends are playmates, family members and living medicine especially for older persons who live alone. And German Shepherds are the absolutely perfect choice of dog breed for active persons who love to be outside and do sports. Education and training are essential in order to turn your four-legged friend into a loyal companion for daily life and a family dog.

Family dog – integral part of daily life

As puppies, all dogs are especially cute and cause a lot of funny moments within family life. Nevertheless, the small puppy grows up quickly. At six months, the dog has the development stage of a human with about 10 years of age. A one-year old dog is equivalent to a 20-year old human and a 13-year old dog to a 70-year old person. In each of his stages of life, the German Shepherd has a special charisma. Even with a grey muzzle, he will bring much joy to his human. As this breed establishes a tight emotional tie, clear attachment figures are essential in each stage of life. This emotional tie also facilitates education, training and work with the four-legged partners. Like other dog breeds, the German Shepherd continually develops his physical and mental maturation over his life. Active phases and training at the training grounds need to be accompanied by periods of calmness and relaxation.

Leisure time with the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is by nature a very active and energetic dog with a high willingness to learn and high adaptability. Its owners should not only enjoy long walks, but should also plan to engage in a breed-appropriate activity or, in the best case, training. The German Shepherd Association (SV) e. V. will be happy to help you at any time in your search for suitable training.

Joint activities

The big advantage of the German Shepherd is his versatility: He wants to be challenged and stimulated. There are therefore lots of options for joint activities with the German Shepherd. He loves long outdoor walks and is also an ideal partner for cycling tours. For people who keep fit with jogging or walking, the German Shepherd is also a perfect training partner – and an excellent protector. Swimming is a welcome change and at the same time great grooming for the dogs. German Shepherds are robust characters for which physical fitness is important. So if you are looking for a physically robust, versatile and spirited family dog and have enough time for the education, training and fitness of your four-legged friend, you will be perfectly right to choose a German Shepherd.