Playing for success

Many dog owners are looking for a leisure activity which is fun for both human and dog, ensures enough exercise and, in the ideal case, strengthens the bond between dog and owner. The German Shepherd Association offers a multitude of possibilities for this, for non-members as well as for members: Starting from puppy play groups to dog training and various dog sports up to the completion of officially recognized trials; every team will find the right activity here.

A strong team - dog and handler

Dogs – especially the German Shepherd – need regular physical and mental exercise to stay healthy and fit. In particular, Shepherds that are challenged and stimulated enough are more balanced in their nature, more obedient and satisfied. To achieve this is the dog handler’s task – because the team can only face up to the different disciplines if the necessary trust exists and the communication between human and dog functions flawlessly.

If dog and handler are a well-rehearsed sportive team, they can prove themselves in competitions and championships at the municipality, state and federal level and also internationally. Here, not only the qualification of the dog is important – the owner also needs to prove him or herself in dog sports!

Do you have any questions or are you interested in a test training? Please do not hesitate to contact us!