What are the implementation provisions?

Only German Shepherds may be subject to the character judgment/ZAP. Character judgments are only carried out at weekends, at the same time as the examinations that have already been published. A maximum of 12 dogs, and a minimum of 4, can be entered for a character judgment on one particular examination day. Friday counts as a half examination day, meaning a maximum of 6 dogs can be entered. It is not permitted to have a Friday alone as an examination day.
The registration fee is EUR 20 per dog. Dogs aged between 9 and 13 months (inclusive) are permitted for entry.
While the assessment is being taken voluntarily (until BV May 2017), dogs that do not fi  in this time window can also be entered. For cases where a dog has not been entered for a character judgment  at the right age with good reason, it is planned that they can subsequently be entered for a character judgment, regardless of age (re-entrant). This also applies to dogs bred abroad or dogs acquired when they are older who are then destined to be used for breeding in Germany. In both cases, a five-month waiting period automatically comes into force between passing the character judgment and the work element of the ZAP (similar to initially entering breeding programs aged between 13 and 18 months).

Once the character judgment and ZAP have been passed, the dog must pass the breeding survey before they can be used for breeding without restriction. In the event of a negative result, the character judgment can be repeated once. It will be noted in the assessment documentation if a dog is repeating the assessment. A report will  be drawn up for each assessed dog, which will then be given to the owner. The data sheet lists information about the age of the subject, gender, condition, husbandry conditions and future intended use. The character judgment is listed on the pedigree and the dog’s owner receives a certifi   te and completed assessment sheets. The assessments achieved are published in SV-DOxS. As with the breeding program, the society has made the “SV character judgment” program available to event organizers. This means it is no longer necessary to spend a long time recording messages and creating documents.