Questionnaire action Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2016

Dear Friends of the German Shepherd Dog, dear exhibitors, der Sieger Show visitors.


In the year 2016 the second time in the history of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde a questioning of the exhibitors has been conducted. Following, please find a resume of the results.

Some remarks from my view:

Overall, it can be found that, compared with the last year, the processing at the counters (registration for protection work) and the rings found much better acceptance. Generally, a clear improvement of the processes has been described. Partially, for sure this is a result of the implementation of the suggestions of last year’s questioning.

Also in the future, we will increasingly try to improve this sector, by software, presentation and structuring of the processes. In order to standardize the processes, they will be integrated into a manual.
As every year, in order to find new possibilities and to minimize shortages which may be caused by the various venues the main office as well as the persons in charge are standing in close contact to the show director and his/her coordinator.

Apparently, it is desired to arrange the welcome evening in a manner which is more comradely than informal. According to the current information given from the organizing team for the event in Ulm they try to arrange this year’s welcome evening in this way. We would be happy to welcome many of you to this event.
From many replies it is apparent the contents of the informal part would better be published on the website to be read again. We will try to make this available.

A principal point of criticism was the so-called measure commission. Obviously, some of the exhibitors challenge the necessary seriousness of the commission. In order to retain the credibility of this measure which is, as I think, currently indispensable, we have to work on it urgently.

For sure, I only alluded some of the points of view. Within this frame, the numerous subjects of debate can’t be discussed and cleared completely. Nevertheless, I feel that we already achieved with small steps rather big successes.

Also in 2017 we will conduct a questioning and we would appreciate if you again would take part in to improve the processing.

Best regards
Professor Dr. med. Heinrich Meßler