Welcoming address


Dear sportsmen and sportswomen, Dear guests,

I would like to give you a very warm welcome in the name of our local councils to the market town of Philippsthal and wish you a pleasant stay with us in the Werratal.

We are very pleased that the German Youth and Junior Championships are being held in our municipality for the second time already, and this year too, we will be good hosts.

About 300 sportsmen and sportswomen from all around Germany are guests in Philippsthal and are using the grounds of our Schlosspark (palace park) and the sporting grounds to hold their competitions against this splendid backdrop. These competitions demand top performance from all dog handlers and dogs alike. I am certain that the competitions that we will experience together here will be exciting ones. They are a highlight of our region’s event calendar.

We are proud that our team led by Susi and Udo Heckroth are holding these German Championships here, together with many partners. I would like to thank all competitors, helpers and sponsors for their great commitment during the preparation and implementation of these championships.

Perhaps you will also have time to familiarise yourself with a bit of the history and present of our market town of Philippsthal, known to many as a former landgrave residence and mining location. Potash mining characterises Philippsthal to this day. Aside from that, there were many other companies here that create and maintain jobs and educational opportunities. But Philippsthal also has much to offer for tourists. Many bike paths run through our town, our swimming pool is a magnet for visitors in the summer and our Schlosspark is regional gem all year long. I recommend, for instance, a visit to our Grenzmuseum (Border Museum) to learn about the former inner-German border, followed by a stop at one of our restaurants.   

I wish all of you a pleasant stay in Philippsthal, exhilarating competitions and of course success to the participants.

We are looking forward to the performance tests and the attractive supporting programme.

Best wishes and the best of luck!

Your Mayor
Ralf Orth

President of the SV and the WUSV

Liebe Jugendliche, liebe Freunde des Deutschen Schäferhundes,

in der Zeit vom vom 03.-05.06.2017 ist Philippsthal/Werra zu zweiten Male hintereinander Gastgeber für die Jugend des Vereins für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. Gerne hat der Verein das Angebot der Landesgruppe Hessen Nord angenommen, diese für uns so unendlich wichtige Veranstaltung erneut auszutragen.

Die Jahnkampfbahn der Marktgemeinde Philippsthal/Werra ist erneut der Mittelpunkt der „Schäferhundwelt“. Schirmherr der Veranstaltung ist der Bürgermeister Ralf Orth, dem ich bei dieser Gelegenheit erneut für die Unterstützung durch die Stadt und die kommunalen Behörden herzlich danken möchte.

Für ihr besonderes Engagement sei der Gesamtleiterin und Jugendwartin der LG Hessen-Nord,
Susanne Heckroth und ihrem Ehemann Udo, der für die technische Leitung verantwortlich ist, unser Dank ausgesprochen.

Der Landesgruppe Hessen-Nord, der Hauptgeschäftsstelle und last but not least meiner Vorstandskollegin Daniela Thoring, die in ihrer unnachahmlichen Art für die konsequente Umsetzung ihrer Planung zum Wohle unserer SV-Jugend beigetragen hat, danke ich ausdrücklich.

Bei dieser Gelegenheit möchte ich nochmals allen ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern, die sich für die Jugendarbeit im Verein engagieren, auch wenn sie nicht immer im Vordergrund wirken, meinen Dank und den aller Freunde des Deutschen Schäferhundes aussprechen. Danken möchte ich auch unseren Sponsoren, die diese Veranstaltung von Anfang an mit bewundernswertem Engagement unterstützt haben.

Mein Dank und Anerkennung gilt natürlich den jugendlichen Hundeführerinnen und Hundeführern, die in den drei Disziplinen Zuchtschau, Agility und IPO in den Wettkämpfen antreten. Es liegt in der Natur eines jeden Wettbewerbes, dass, auch nach fleißiger Vorbereitung und Training, nicht jeder auf dem Podium stehen kann, aber bereits die Teilnahme und Qualifikation für diese Veranstaltung ein großer Erfolg ist.

Den teilnehmenden Jugendlichen wünsche ich für die Wettkämpfe alles Gute, den erwünschten Erfolg sowie den notwendigen Spaß an der Veranstaltung zusammen mit ihrem vierbeinigen Freund.

Den Besuchern, Zuschauern und sportbegeisterten Besuchern wünsche ich angenehme, schöne und erlebnisreiche Tage und freue mich auf ein Treffen mit ihnen in Philippsthal.


Prof. Dr. Heinrich Meßler

Federal Group Youth Inspector

Dear youths and juniors,
Dear guests,

I would like to give you a very warm welcome for the second time in a row to the 2017 German Youth and Junior Championships here in Philippsthal.
We are very pleased to have the opportunity to organise this event for our junior SV members once again.

After last year’s event, we received high praise from everyone, for which we would like to say thank you. Being able to execute an event like this in the first place is an honour for the Hesse-North Federal Group, and the response in 2016 shows us that even as one of the smaller federal groups, we were up to the challenge.

For that reason, we were happy to announce that we were prepared to host the DJJM once again in 2017. But of course, we could not have done it without our federal group’s hard-working helpers, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you.

My thanks go out to the municipality of Philippsthal, especially to its mayor, Mr Ralf Orth, who made these beautiful grounds available to us once again and once again offered their energetic support in the preparing and carrying out this event.

Many thanks also to the members of VFL Philippsthal and Uwe Petri-Wüst’s team for taking charge of catering and to Bauhof Philippsthal for their energetic support. My thanks of course also go out to my fellow board members, who were also prepared to help carry along this event once again.

Nowadays, it can no longer be taken for granted that support will be offered by all parties. It is becoming more and more difficult to find locations and enough staff for our SV events. To be sure, it is also a mammoth task to get an event like this up and running. It requires a lot of time and ambition, but also friends to prepare an event like this. But I am certain that everyone in our federal group was or will be happy to do so. As for myself, I can only say that it was not always easy, but I was very, very glad to organise the event, with conviction and a lot of passion.

Our young people are especially deserving of our support of their German Shepherd sport, without ifs, ands or buts. They are the future of our association!!!

I wish all of the participants much success; to the guests, that they can experience lots of good athletic performance; and to all of us, a beautiful weekend with good conversation and joyful and comradely time spent together.

Susanne Heckroth
Youth Inspector of the Hesse-North Federal Group

Federal Group Chair

Dear young people, friends of the German Shepherd, supporters and visitors,

The Hesse-North Federal Group extends a very warm welcome to all of you, now for the second time in a row. It is a pleasure for us and surely for all spectators to see you, dear young people, compete. You display ambition and zeal, but also joy and grace, and what is very important to me: fairness. We are pleased to be able to welcome all teams, attendants, people in charge and also all spectators to this major event in Philippsthal/Werra on 4 and 5 June 2017.

Actors and spectators can expect a great deal: exciting competitions, passionate but fair encounters and a great atmosphere. In other words, at the traditional German Youth and Junior Championships in Philippsthal/Werra, you will experience really good dog sport.

But it can only work because the conditions in Philippsthal/Werra are right – they are the be-all and end-all of an event like this, for participants, attendants and spectators. Countless helpers will be there to ensure that everything goes right on and away from the pitch. For this – mainly volunteer work – I would like to thank them.

But a big thank you also goes out to the partners and sponsors, most of whom have been with us for many years. That does not go without saying – without their commitment, an event like this would not exist. Thank you very much. I especially need to mention the company MERA DOG, who have been supporting our federal group for many years.

I hope the event will be exciting and fair. I am convinced that these important championships will serve promote the youth in the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V.

Dr Wolfgang Lauber
Chair of the Hesse-North Federal Group

Association Youth Inspector

Welcome to this year’s German Youth and Junior Championship of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. In Philippsthal. For the second time in a row, we are guests in the municipality of Philippsthal, here to determine the German youth and junior champions for the disciplines of agility, breeding and IPO from the best teams of the federal groups in a fair competition.

I would like to thank the Hesse-North Federal Group, in particular, Dr Lauber, as well as Susanne Heckroth, and all of the other volunteer helpers assisting them.

In the same way, I would like to express my thanks to the municipality of Philippsthal and the mayor, Mr Orth, who invited us back for 2017 immediately after the awards ceremony at last year’s DJJM. We gladly accepted this invitation, which cannot be taken for granted any more nowadays, with the wonderful memories of last year. The sports facilities of VfL 1930 Philippsthal e.V. and Philippsthal itself offer ideal conditions for our sport.

For your preparation of this event, which I am sure was intense, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the starters and your attendants, the parents and the local and federal group youth inspectors. Only through a great deal of volunteer work in the background by many actors, in connection with the healthy athletic ambition of the participants, can an event like DJJM become the event that it is: the highlight of SV’s main association events!
I hope that all of the participants achieve the goals that they have set for themselves! I wish you much success and above all a lot of fun during the whole event!

I am certain that every visitor at this Whitsun weekend will feel comfortable and have fun following the competitions and recognise the fascination that has characterised our championships for years.

In this spirit, I wish you a lovely and eventful time in Philippsthal.

Daniela Thoring
Association Youth Inspector