Camping rules

  1. Scope

    The camping rules apply for all guests and visitors to the campsite. Entering the site represents implicit consent to the site rules as well as any applicable legal or official regulations.

  2. Registration – space assignment

    Only campers who reserve a space on time by 21 May 2017 will be considered. Campers that are not registered are not guaranteed to receive a space. The staff will decide where the tents of individual campers including their vehicles or caravans with towing vehicles are allowed to remain in the car park.

    All instructions given by the staff must be observed.

  3. Arrival / departure

    Friday, 2 June 2017 from 12 pm to 10 pm – Tuesday, 6 June 2017 until 12 pm

  4. Fees

    Fees will be charged according to the price list and must be paid in cash on arrival.

  5. Night-time ban on noise

    From 10 pm to 6 am, noise is not permitted.

  6. The following is prohibited:

    • Lighting and keeping open fires
    • Disruptive noise, especially the playing of loud music
    • Moving tents with ditches
    • Waste may only be disposed of in the containers provided
    • Defective camping items such as air mattresses and chairs must be removed
    • Operating vehicles except when arriving at/departing from the campsite, dog trailers must be moved manually if necessary
    • Letting dogs walk around off lead, dog owners must ensure that their dogs do not soil the grounds, or rather they must clean up after their dogs immediately, non-compliance will result in the municipality charging a fine of €40

  7. Hygienic requirements must be taken into account, in particular, only the toilets in the banquet hall may be used.
    The washrooms and toilets must be kept clean. Anyone dirtying them must clean up after him- or herself immediately. No waste may be disposed of in the toilets.

  8. Campers use the campsite at their own risk. The site is not guarded. The lessor assumes no liability for damages of any kind that may occur during the use of the campsite. This exclusion of liability does not extend to cases where the damage is caused by the lessor through wilful intent or gross negligence.

  9. Anyone who violates the conditions of these campsite rules will be immediately expelled from the campsite and reported to the authorities.

  10. Customary power connections are available. High-voltage current and water supply connections are not provided. The campsite can be supplied by way of a 25-50 m extension cord from the connection point.
    These extension cords must be provided by the visitors.