Welcoming address

Prime minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear dog-fanciers,

I would like to welcome you to the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau. From September 1 to September 3, Ulm is the center point for all German Shepherd Dog enthusiasts.

The dog is man’s best friend, he enriches the lives of many people and takes various tasks. He is soul mate, friend and companion but also assistant, rescuer and guardian. The German Shepherd Dog, a socially acceptable and powerful working dog is a real allrounder and convinces as rescue dog, assistant dog for the disabled and as service dog for customs, Federal Armed Forces and police as well as family dog and in dog sports.

Especially those characteristics form the image of the German Shepherd Dog in our community and make this breed so unique.

It shows the popularity of the breed that you, dear ladies and gentlemen, celebrate together with the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. at the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau. Visitors from all over the world celebrate those days together. They all share your interest in and your appreciation of the German Shepherd Dog.

I would like to say thank you to the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. for his extraordinary engagement and I would like to congratulate them on this particular event. I wish good luck to all participants and their dogs and much pleasure to all spectators. Enjoy the coming days marked by the German Shepherd Dog.

Winfried Kretschmann
Prime minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg

Lord Mayor of the city of Ulm

Dear Breeders,
Dear Friends of the German Shepherd Dog,

A heartfelt welcome to the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau which takes place in Ulm for the fifth time already. I appreciate, that the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) comes here time and again since 2003 and that our city can be the host for this event.

Still, breeding of German Shepherd Dogs is highly valued. Incredibly, more than 2000 dogs and about 48000 visitors from many countries are expected in the Donau stadium. Those numbers show how much the German Shepherd Dog can thrill and connect the continents.

SV with his 60000 members is the world’s largest breed club. His target is to breed healthy and serviceable dogs. Especially today, where people estrange from nature in many areas, it is of particular importance to support a responsible handling of animals.

German Shepherd Dogs are said to be very clever and exemplary. It is impressive, how the connection to the special characteristic traits is preserved for a very long time. In large part, it is the SV’s merit that the fan base of this enduring breed is constantly growing, not only in Germany. All over the world people get involved with German Shepherd Dogs and, with communication, they achieve an unitary breed standard.

By the way, at the previous events in the stadium of Ulm not one incident happened. For sure, this is also caused by the exemplary education of the dogs. If you are dealing with this topic you soon will find an adequate quotation from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Dem Hunde, wenn er gut erzogen, wird selbst ein weiser Mann gewogen” which means that a well-educated dog will even be accepted from wise men.

I hope you will enjoy this year’s show. Furthermore, I would be glad if you would find an opportunity to discover the city – whether with a walk along the Danube or a visit in the Ulm minster or a tour through the Fishermen’s quarter.

Gunter Czisch
Lord Mayor of the city of Ulm

President of SV

Dear friends of the German Shepherd Dog,

There are a number of reasons which recommend a journey to Ulm.

This city at the Danube riverside welcomes cosmopolitan and friendly her visitors and offers a large number of sights, in first place the Ulm minster. To those who are not afraid of the 768 steps a terrific city view is presented and maybe also the Donau stadium of Ulm can be seen.

Anyway, in a special way the Donau stadium will be in the middle of the interest of friends and fanciers of the German Shepherd Dog from all over the world when an international number of participants faces up to the rating of the acting judges and, in the separate classes, the best dogs will be found.
It takes the support of different parties and many helping hands to make such a major event possible at all.

At this point, I would like to say thank you to the city of Ulm and their departments and authorities, represented by the Lord Mayor Gunter Czisch, for their friendly and competent cooperation and the help in preparing the event.

In those days, it is not easy to gather the needed large number of volunteers to perform such a major event. Therefore, a special “Thank you” to the performing team of the regional groups from Württemberg, Bavaria North and Bavaria South who accepts this organizational challenge for the fifth time in one and a half decade, in close cooperation with and under the guidance of the SV main office, supported by a large number of members of the involved regional groups.

Also, thank you to the numerous exhibitors from Germany and all over the world who are not afraid of the long journey or the expenditure of time to take part in this event and to create this unique atmosphere which arises when people from different nations are united through their common passion. My best wishes to you all and to your four-legged friends for a successful participation and the hoped for and also deserved result.

Finally, only one wish remains and this is that you, the participants, guests and interested visitors may have days full of beautiful experiences in the circle of friends and likeminded and that you will also enjoy remembering Ulm and the German Shepherd Dog.


Prof. Dr. med. Heinrich Meßler
President of the SV