Welcoming address

President of SV and WUSV

We all remember this fantastic event, last year’s SV Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility and we are glad to be again guest in Oberhausen for this major event. From September 22 to 24, 2017 the qualified in the section IPO and Agility from all regional groups meet in order to find the Federal winner.

First of all, I would like to say “Thank you very much” to the regional group Nordrheinland for their agreement to organize again the SV Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility this year.

The facilities of the Niederrhein Stadium are an ideal location for the organization of this major event. The city of Oberhausen is a convenient location and the hospitable ambiance is providing the perfect framework. The city with its public authorities supported us greatly from planning to realization. Representative for all supporting institutions and employees we address our gratitude and highest compliments to the Lord Mayor of Oberhausen, Daniel Schranz, who also took the patronage for the event.

Also, the community’s sport association with its president Werner Schmidt should not go unmentioned. Since more than one and a half decades he accompanies us from the very first planning 15 years ago to the final realization of this year with words and deeds, selfless and supporting.

Thank you to the regional group Nordrheinland and its numerous volunteers for their commitment and their tireless efforts. Representative for all cooperators and principal supporters I would like to mention the technical supervisor, Mr. Wolfgang Felten, chairman of the regional group and Mr. Hans-Peter Fetten, regional breed warden. It’s more than worth to thank the numerous helpers from the regional group who sacrifice their free time selfless in order to help in the success of such a major event.

At this weekend in Oberhausen the top-teams IPO and Agility from all over the Federal Republic of Germany meet each other. It’s in the nature of things that competitions create few winners and many conquered. The participants, their trainers and helpers from all over Germany prepared themselves for a long time, partially for years, for the upcoming competitions. All had to qualify for this event on top-class elimination contests. Already this is a success for each of the participants.

On the days of the event, it will be a pleasure to accompany the harmony of the teams when it is transferred into sportive performance. Once again, we will see that our unique breed is able to show remarkable performance, in IPO as well as in Agility.

I wish all participants the success they hope for; the judges a sure, well-balanced judgement, the visitors exciting contests and all enthusiasts interesting matches and discussions.

I am glad to experience this highest stage German Shepherd Dog festival in Oberhausen together with you all.


Prof. Dr. Heinrich Meßler

SV training warden and head judge

Dear Sir, Madam and guests,

In the name of the board of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. I would like to cordially welcome you, the participants of the SV Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility as well as all visitors from inland and abroad, in Oberhausen.

We all kept the Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility 2016 a very good memory. The regional group Nordrheinland took on responsibility for a major event in this extend on short notice and, within very short time, they organized an unique event.

All the more, I am glad that, this year, we can be one more time guest in the Niederrhein Stadium. We may also be sure of the hospitality and support of the city of Oberhausen and the community’s sport association; for this I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to the Lord Mayor of Oberhausen, Daniel Schranz, and the president of the community’s sport association, Werner Schmidt as the representatives.

The central Niederrhein Stadium Oberhausen with the fields beside provides the perfect framework to perform this major event.

At this point, I would like to thank again the responsible persons of the regional group Nordrheinland and their numerous helpers for their commitment and their tireless efforts, already in preparation of the event and also this weekend.

As representative persons, I would like to mention the LG chairman, Wolfgang Felten, the LG training warden, Helmut Nießen and the LG breed warden, Hans-Peter Fetten; the numerous helpers, on the scene and backstage, should not go unmentioned.

The participating dog handlers as well as the other contributors expect three exhausting days. Previously, I would like to thank the acting judges, the track layer and his team as well as the protection helpers who agreed to take their responsible duties.

I wish all the best and an ounce of luck to all participants and I hope that it will be possible to find out the dogs with the currently highest performance level which will represent the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. at this year’s WUSV Championship from October 4 to October 8, 2017 in Tilburg/The Netherlands.

I wish three exciting and interesting days to all visitors, from Germany and abroad, and a pleasant stay in Oberhausen.

Wilfried Tautz
SV training warden and head judge

Lord Mayor of the city of Oberhausen

Dear Dog sports friends,

This weekend, soccer doesn’t reign on the Niederrhein Stadium. This time, the German Shepherd is king on the soccer green. The very best in dog sports with the German Shepherd Dog meet for their annual Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility. Apparently, not only German Shepherds have the sensitive nose to find out where the perfect place is. Also the handlers have a gift for it and, all in front, the organizers. There is no other explanation for the fact, that Oberhausen, may be this year, the second time since 2016, the venue for the Bundessiegerprüfung. A heartfelt welcome to all of you.

Again, it’s about awards and trophies, about winners and positions. Both, dog and man, have to be super fit, synchronized in time, and have to get it going with paws and feet. Practice and pre-decisions are gone; now it’s about the crown in sports with the German Shepherd Dog.

And, when in fact all good things came in threes, I would like now to cordially invite the responsible of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. to arrange their Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility next year again here in Oberhausen – myself as the patron would be most pleased about it.

However, first of all I would like to wish good luck to all participants of this year – whether human or animal.

Cordially yours

Daniel Schranz
Lord Mayor of the city of Oberhausen

Chairman of regional group

Dear Sir, Madam and visitors, dear SV members and dog sportsmen,

As chairman of the regional group Nordrheinland I would like to welcome you to this year’s SV Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility and would also like to welcome you in the city of Oberhausen, once again here in the “Niederrhein stadium”.

Also this year I would like to say “Thank you” to the city of Oberhausen for their excellent support, for providing us with their sports facilities. As the Bundessiegerprüfung has been organized in Oberhausen once again, some inquiries have not been necessary as they have already been responded last year. However, each new event confronts us with new problems, but all of them have been solved non-bureaucratic in the sense of the event.

I would also like to thank Mr. Daniel Schranz, Lord Mayor of the city of Oberhausen, representative for all city officials. Again, he took the patronage for our Bundessiegerprüfung. Thank you, Mr. Schranz!

Also, I may not forget the community’s sport association under the direction of the president, Werner Schmidt, who we all became fond of, and the great support of the vice president, Mr. Ulrich Kenzer and the secretary, Ms. Sabine Grajewski who became one of our members last year; our special thanks also to them.

Already last year I mentioned several times the difficulties of organizing such an event several times and this resulted in the fact, that the BSP 2017 is once again held in Oberhausen. However, for this it was necessary to find willing volunteers. Certainly, in my regional group this has not been an issue; all volunteers from last year agreed to help to realize this event.

Thank you to all helpers, this is a great commitment.

Also the main office was prepared to work together with our team to realize this Bundessiegerprüfung in Oberhausen. Last year we all worked fantastically together, the main office and the regional group’s volunteers. We had a lot of fun with each other.

Representative for all staff members “Thank you” to the overall manager, Mr. Hartmut Setecki, for this more than favorable cooperation.

For next year an organizer has been found and I am glad about.

Finally, good luck to all participants.

I wish you all a great event with much highlights in dog sports and, hopefully, great weather.


Wolfgang Felten
Chairman of regional group

President of the Stadtsportbundes Oberhausen e.V.

Dear sports fans, Sir, Madam!

In 2016 the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. introduced himself to a great event in Oberhausen, the second Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility follows, the fourth event overall.
We are proud to welcome you on the beautiful Emscher Island in Oberhausen.

For three days, the German Shepherd Dogs and their handlers take possession of the Soccer Stadium Niederrhein, where the best will show their abilities at the Bundessiegerprüfung IPO and Agility. SSV is particularly glad to enable the participants to use the SSB Sports- and leisure facilities where they can practice, talk shop and revel.

These days are not only a real show for aficionados of the scene, it is an interesting event for the whole family. With the IPO, the dogs shall be trained to be socially even-tempered protection dogs for families and shall show absolute obedience. On the other hand, fun and sports activities emboss the Agility test where an obstacle course has to be completed without faults.

Patience, sense of responsibility and empathy as well as good knowledge and expertise is requested from the two-legged actors, performance and availability from the four-legged ones. This is the most interesting mix which is presented to the spectators.

We wish the dog sportsmen from all over Germany exciting competitions and the crowning success, and a beautiful stay full of events in Oberhausen with its many sights. And I would like to advise all spectators: come to the Niederrhein Stadium and experience an extraordinary sports event.


Werner Schmidt

SV sports representative

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Dear dog sportsmen,

Welcome to the Bundessiegerprüfung 2017 in Oberhausen! For the second time in a row the highlight of German Shepherd Dog sports in the disciplines Agility and IPO takes place here.

Get a very close experience when it is essential to accompany the presentations and to honor the performance with applause. Exactly this atmosphere, the visitors and the fellowship among each other make this event to something very special.

It is the big event of the SV family. Already beforehand, appointments and plans have been made. On this event, the SV family meets not only for a contest but also for maintaining contacts of the friends from Germany and abroad and, of course, also to revel.

As last year, after three runs not only the Federal Winner of Agility is chosen; also, the national team of Germany is nominated; they will represent Germany at the International Agility Competition during the WUSV World Championship in Tilburg.

This event requires many willing hands in the background as well as a lot of voluntary work before, during and after the event. Our thanks to those helpers who often stay unnamed. Without them, such a major event would not be realizable.

Good luck and the right touch for arranging the course to this year’s judge, Ms. Martina Weiss. A judge has to consider many things, not only not only optimal angles and challenging passages are important, in order to judge constant and fair, the judge must also have the possibility to see the complete course.

I wish an exiting and harmonious event at the highest performance level as well as a pleasant stay in Oberhausen to all guests.

Björn Bröker