The German Championships in Shepherding are a very special outdoor experience with dogs. The great harmony between the shepherd and his shepherding dog is what makes the safe shepherding of flocks possible.

At the SV Federal Performance Shepherding Event, you will experience this fascinating affair up close on the shepherding grounds.

The best shepherds from all over Germany will give you a look into their daily hands-on work. The jobs that the dogs do while working with a herd of around 300 sheep will be spectacularly commented on and explained to non-experts.

In addition to this unique outdoor experience, you will learn everything there is to know about sheep farming.

Their physical welfare is the highest priority. For this reason, too, it’s worthwhile to visit the event with your family.

Their use as herding dogs has been the original job of German Shepherds for over 100 years. Thanks especially to their robustness, ability to learn, fitness and harmony with shepherds, they are the ideal herding dog.

A very special event awaits you!