Mayor of the city of Gersthofen

Dear club members,
Dear participants in the Bundesleistungshüten,

It may sound easy if you are not an expert but you all know, what it means in fact. Keeping sheep together needs much practice, experience and a perfect interaction between man and dog. The Bundesleistungshüten shows in an impressive way the results of years of training. Always in the center: the herding dog as protector, with its widespread tasks and the always necessary concentration.

I am really glad that, after many years, this special event comes back to Gersthofen and, with it, many club members and animal lovers with their loyal companions. Our slogan “Stark in Nordschwaben – offen für alle” (strong in northern Swabia – openminded) is valid not only for the citizens of Gersthofen but also the four-legged companions and animal friendly people. I wish good luck to all participants, an interesting event to the visitors and exciting competitions, also for the future.

Michael Wörle

President of the SV

Dear friends of the German Shepherd Dog,
Dear shepherds and guests,

A heartfelt welcome in Gersthofen – the city for the conquerors of the skies. The famous balloonist Auguste Picard started 1931 nearby to his record flight into the stratosphere and reached the breathtaking height of 15.781 meters. So, it’s no wonder that the first balloon museum of Germany welcomes you at the Gersthofen city limits. By the way, who wants to follow the pioneers of those times can take off directly on site. But for once, from September 15 to 17, 2017 it will be forgivable to miss the spectacular view along the old Roman Road Via Claudia and of Augsburg city and surrounding area and to explore Gersthofen’s grassed area old-fashioned on foot.

This weekend is arranged traditionally but not old-fashioned. The yearly SV Bundesleistungshüten leads man and animal back to the roots of the German Shepherd Dog and his club and offers in this modern, fast moving times the chance to decelerate in a familiar atmosphere.

That we may participate in this original discipline of the German Shepherd Dog we owe the hard-working helpers; such an event can’t be realized without their work. My special “Thank you” goes to the regional group of Bavaria South, represented through its chairman, Herbert Volz, and the local group of Gersthofen; they took the organization and realization of this traditional event of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. The numerous volunteers from the organization team of the local group Gersthofen made the preparations under the supervision of the chairman of the local group, Georg Stegmüller so that the participants and visitors don’t find only optimal conditions but can also feel highly welcome.

Also “Thank you” to the city of Gersthofen, represented through the mayor, Michael Wörle, for its hospitality. Not least, special thanks go to the farmers who made their fields and meadows available for the event and to all those, who took part in the preparation and helped, to make this event a success.

It was cavalry captain von Stephanitz who once, when he watched herding, described the demands in the character of the German Shepherd Dog in such apropos and still valid words as he laid the cornerstone for a traditional breed. I wish all of us this leisure and power of observation at this year’s Bundesleistungshüten, good luck to all participants and enjoyable and interesting days to you, dear guests.


Prof. Dr. Heinrich Meßler
President of SV