Welcoming Address

Federal Group Chair

The Baden Federal Group is very much looking forward to holding SV’s National Tracking Dog Test in October 2017!

Today, we cordially invite all interested spectators, sport enthusiasts, participants and acting judges to Bietigheim/Durmersheim in greater Karlsruhe to take part in these special dogs’ extraordinary competition!

Together with the board of the federal group, the Bietigheim and Durmersheim local groups will assume the organisation of the event, and we will all make a huge effort once again to plan and execute an unforgettable event in Baden!

The grounds in this area are flat and very open, so spectators will have an easy job when watching the performances!

The inns, hotels and restaurants are typical of Baden, which means that culinary delights and cosy evenings are in store!

Thanks to suitable advance notice, even non-experts from around the city can surely be included in this competition. Our German Shepherds do possess efficient olfactory organs that they can use to track scents. During their training, they learn to track specific scents. This ability, in connection with the learning capabilities of our German Shepherds, is what make them so successful in the service of the police, public authorities and other agencies.

Taking this knowledge into account, the test regulations of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde offer different competitive tracking tests. And the result is dogs that are capable of executing Tracking Dog Tests 1 or 2. The best out of all of the federal group tracking dogs then meet at this weekend in October to measure their performance and determine the national tracking dog champion!

This SV main association event contributes to a continued, positive development of German Shepherd breeding.

I hope that all of our guests at this amazing event, organised by the Baden federal group, will feel comfortable and be able to experience the German Shepherd as a great family and working dog!

Until then, kind regards,

Harald Hohmann
Federal Group Chair, Baden

President of the SV

Dear friends of the German Shepherd Dog,
Dear protagonists and guests,

The dog’s organs of perception, especially the olfactory sense, exceeds men’s senses multiple times. With its about 220 million olfactory cells he can detect odors, that men could not smell even at close range, over a very far distance. The traditional dediction as searching dog and tracking dog will not be endangered from digital rivalry – far to versatile are the possibilities to use our four-legged friend.
Expire the SV’s best noses in a fair competition for the winner’s title at this year’s SV Bundesfährtenhundprüfung from October 28 to 29 in Bietigheim.

Tradition and future don’t have to be necessarily contradictory. First mentioned in records in the 10th century, this year’s host – the community of Bietigheim – won the first price in the nationwide contest “Unser Dorf hat Zukunft” (our village has a future). I don’t want to lose the opportunity to say “thank you” to the mayor, Constantin Braun, representative for all public authorities of the community of Bietigheim, for the hospitality and support. We also would like to say thank you to all farmers and hunters who made their fields and meadows available for this event.

A special “Thank you” goes to all members of the local groups Bietigheim and Durmersheim under the direction of the chairpersons, Manuela Groß and Markus Schmitt, as well as to the regional group Baden, represented through the chairman Harald Hohmann, who provided the opportunity for the realization of this event. It would not have been possible to manage the SV Bundesfährtenhundprüfung without the help of the numerous volunteers; they made it possible that the participants and visitors don’t find only optimal conditions but can also feel highly welcome.

I would like to welcome you in the name of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. and its members and I invite you to experience the German Shepherd Dog in its original discipline.

I wish us all interesting days and an exciting competition.

With best regards

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Meßler
President of SV